Principal Investigator,
since 2013



Adrienne Grêt-Regamey is an environmental scientist and landscape planner. She has been Professor at the Chair of Planning Landscape and Urban Systems at the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, ETH Zürich (Switzerland) since 2008. 

Research Interests

Keywords: Sustainability, Spatial Planning, Spatial Modeling, Landscape and Environmental Planning, Urban Planning, 3D Visualization, Emerging and Developing Economies.

Currently, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey's research focuses on understanding how the interactions and/or actions of humans shape landscapes at various temporal and spatial scales, using different land-use decision models in forecasting and backcasting modes. For fostering participatory landscape planning, she investigates how people perceive the landscape in the three labs, where state-of-the-art 3D visualizations and auralizations of landscape changes are generated and decision support tools developed. She also explores how an iterative process between design and science can allow co-creating place-specific responses satisfying human needs and demands for well-being in a sustainable manner. For one of her recent research projects, the consortium was awarded the Swiss National Science Foundation Transdisciplinary Award. In 2017, she received an ERC Starting Grant for the project GLOBESCAPE linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes. In 2018, she was a finalist for the ETH ALEA Art of Leadership Award. In 2022, she was awarded Land's Influential Female Research in Land System Science Award.


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