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1-30 May 2023

A Workshop on Advances in Our Understanding of Elevation Dependent Climate Change

Afforestation after land abandonment as a Nature Based Solution in Mediterranean Mid-mountain areas: implications and research gaps

Bringing the Nature Futures Framework to life: creating a set of illustrative narratives of nature futures 

Can Saharan dust deposition impact snowpack stability in the French Alps?

Characterizing value chains’ contribution to resilient and sustainable development in European mountain areas

Civil society and survival: Indigenous Amazigh climate adaptation in Morocco

[book chapter] Climate Change and Agroecosystems in the Hill and Mountain Regions of Northeast India

Divergence in responses of juniper tree rings to climate conditions along a high-mountain transect in the semi-arid Fann Mountains, Pamir-Alay, western Tajikistan

Empowering rural service providers to improve nutrition in mountain regions

Estimating the response of Himalayan old-growth mountain forests to decreased monsoon precipitation

[Report] Examining poverty and food insecurity in the context of long-term social-ecological changes in Afghanistan

Exploring how disturbance and light availability shape the elevation ranges of multiple mountain tree and shrub species in the tropics

Extending global river gauge records using satellite observations

Food security in high mountains of Central Asia: A broader perspective

Forcing and impact of the Northern Hemisphere continental snow cover in 1979–2014

Forest management scenarios drive future dynamics of Mediterranean planted pine forests under climate change

Glacier retreat reorganizes river habitats leaving refugia for Alpine invertebrate biodiversity poorly protected

Global Warming Reshapes European Pyroregions

[Book] Handbook of Transdisciplinarity: Global Perspectives

Herbivore rewilding does not promote biodiversity in Argentine Andean peatlands

Implications of institutional interplay on land management: A case of traditional land tenure and formal laws in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

Indicators of ecosystem degradation along an elevational gradient in the Mediterranean Andes

Intense touristic activities exceed climate change to shape aquatic communities in a mountain lake

Landscape degradation and development as a result of touristic activity in the fragile, high-mountain environment of Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain), Andes, Peru

Linking the Mountain Futures Action Plan to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Living on the margins: Climate change impacts and adaptation by remote communities living in the Pacific Islands, the Himalaya and desert Australia 

Modelling the impact of emigration upon social and economic development of the Carpathian region of Ukraine 

Participatory Ecological Monitoring (PEM): Participatory research methods for sustainability ‐ toolkit #4

Recent decreases in snow water storage in western North America

Renewable Electricity Production in Mountain Regions: Toward a People-Centered Energy Transition Agenda

Seasonal snow cover patterns explain alpine treeline elevation better than temperature at regional scale

Social Innovations and the Mountain Economy: The Case of 100% Valposchiavo and Its Influence on Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Systematic errors observed in CryoSat-2 elevation swaths on mountain glaciers and their implications

The energy–water limitation threshold explains divergent drought responses in tree growth, needle length, and stable isotope ratios

The exceptional year of 2022: “deathblow” to glacier summer skiing in the Alps?

The First Rock Glacier Inventory for the Greater Caucasus

The glacier advance at the onset of the Little Ice Age in the Alps: New evidence from Mont Miné and Morteratsch glaciers

Uncovering thematic biases in ecosystem services mapping: Knowledge shortfalls and challenges for use in conservation

Value as ethics: Climate change, crisis, and the struggle for the future

[Book chapter] Water Crises in the Appalachian Mountain Region

What drives local climate change adaptation? A qualitative comparative analysis 

Why facts don't change minds: Insights from cognitive science for the improved communication of conservation research

Wildfire and climate change amplify knowledge gaps linking mountain source-water systems and agricultural water supply in the western United States

Cover image by Ales Krivec.

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