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1-31 March 2023

A Google Earth Engine Algorithm to Map Phenological Metrics in Mountain Areas Worldwide with Landsat Collection and Sentinel-2

Accelerating global mountain forest loss threatens biodiversity hotspots

Anthropocene environmental change in an overlooked South African lake: Mountain Lake, Matatiele, Eastern Cape

Assessing coupling interactions in a safe and just operating space for regional sustainability

Black Carbon Size in Snow of Chinese Altai Mountain in Central Asia

Central Asia's spatiotemporal glacier response ambiguity due to data inconsistencies and regional simplifications

Contribution of vanishing mountain glaciers to global and regional terrestrial water storage changes

Deep and Frozen: High-Mountain Lakes as Sentinels of Regional Limnology and Global Environmental Changes

Detection of past landscape elements in marginal mountain areas—the example of the Western Carpathians

Diverging snowfall trends across months and elevation in the northeastern Italian Alps

Drought erodes mountain plant community resistance to novel species under a warming climate

Ecosystem services as systemic enablers for transformation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: an analytical synthesis

Elevation-dependent warming of streams in mountainous regions: implications for temperature modeling and headwater climate refugia

Future Changes in Climate and Hydroclimate Extremes in East Africa

Glacier tourism without ice: Envisioning future adaptations in a melting world

Historical Climate Trends over High Mountain Asia Derived from ERA5 Reanalysis Data

How do land use and land cover changes after farmland abandonment affect soil properties and soil nutrients in Mediterranean mountain agroecosystems?

How spatial policies can leverage energy transitions − Finding Pareto-optimal solutions for wind turbine locations with evolutionary multi-objective optimization

Hydrochemical Monitoring of Water Quality in Natural Water Bodies of the Ural River Basin

Hydrological, thermal and chemical influence of an intact rock glacier discharge on mountain stream water

Human genetic history on the Tibetan Plateau in the past 5100 years

Identifying climate change refugia for South American biodiversity

Introducing CRYOWRF v1.0: multiscale atmospheric flow simulations with advanced snow cover modelling

[Book chapter] Kalasha People in Pakistan: A Mountain Indigenous Tribe’s Struggles to Protect Identity, Culture, Ancestral Lands, and Survival

Land Use Affects the Local Climate of a Tropical Mountain Landscape in Northern Ecuador

[Report] Mid-Term Review of the SENDAI FRAMEWORK FOR DISASTER RISK REDUCTION (International Science Council)

Migrants in the economy of european rural and mountain areas. A cross-national investigation of their economic integration

Mountain Cryosphere Landscapes in South America: Value and Protection

[Book chapter] Mountain Destinations and COVID-19: An Overview of Impacts and Implications

Mountains exhibit a stronger latitudinal diversity gradient than lowland regions

Multimodal multiscale characterization of cascading hazard on mountain terrain

Multiple origins of mountain biodiversity in New Zealand's largest plant radiation

Non-White scientists appear on fewer editorial boards, spend more time under review, and receive fewer citations

Oceanic climate changes threaten the sustainability of Asia’s water tower

Opposite mass balance variations between glaciers in western Tibet and the western Tien Shan

Shaping of topography by topographically-controlled vegetation in tropical montane rainforest

Side effects of European eco schemes and agri-environment-climate measures on endangered species conservation: Clues from a case study in mountain vineyard landscapes

Snow sensitivity to temperature and precipitation change during compound cold–hot and wet–dry seasons in the Pyrenees

Spaceborne LiDAR for characterizing forest structure across scales in the European Alps

Spatio-temporal reconstruction of winter glacier mass balance in the Alps, Scandinavia, Central Asia and western Canada (1981–2019) using climate reanalyses and machine learning

Study of stakeholders’ perceptions of climate change and its impact on mountain communities in central Himalaya, India

The Intersections between Food and Cultural Landscape: Insights from Three Mountain Case Studies

The signal of snowmelt in streamflow and stable water isotopes in a high mountain catchment in Central Spain

Traversing the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: A Least Cost Path Analysis

Uncertainties in the adaptation of alpine pastures to climate change based on remote sensing products and modelling

Understanding the mountainscape dynamics and its drivers using geospatial technology and indigenous knowledge in the Ado-Awaye Mountains, Nigeria

Warming-driven erosion and sediment transport in cold regions

Water resources system vulnerability in high mountain areas under climate change

Wealth Consumption, Sociopolitical Organization, and Change: A Perspective from Burial Analysis on the Middle Bronze Age in the Carpathian Basin

Weapons of the vulnerable? A review of popular resistance to climate adaptation

Cover image by Jules Marvin Eguilos.


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