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1-28 February 2023

A Comparison of Hydrological and Geophysical Calibration Data in Layered Hydrologic Models of Mountain Hillslopes

Agricultural drought over water-scarce Central Asia aggravated by internal climate variability

Alternative states in the structure of mountain forests across the Alps and the role of disturbance and recovery

Are the remnants of old-growth mountain forests always relevant to inspire close-to-nature forest management and efficient biodiversity conservation?

[Reports serie] Braiding United Nations Global Agendas: Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through the Canadian Mountain Network

Changes in rain-on-snow events in mountain catchments in the rain-snow transition zone

Characteristics and causes of natural and human-induced landslides in a tropical mountainous region: the rift flank west of Lake Kivu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Climate change adaptation in the ski industry: Stakeholders' perceptions regarding a mountain resort in Southeastern Europe

Cost-effective adaptation strategies to rising river flood risk in Europe

Declining agriculture in Garhwal Himalaya: Major drivers and implications

Environmental and economic impact of cloudburst-triggered debris flows and flash floods in Uttarakhand Himalaya: a case study

Evaluating natural medicinal resources and their exposure to global chang

Exploring the Motivations, Abilities and Opportunities of Young Entrepreneurs to Engage in Sustainable Tourism Business in the Mountain Area

Future global streamflow declines are probably more severe than previously estimated

Glacial lake outburst floods threaten millions globally

Global Observations of Riverbank Erosion and Accretion From Landsat Imagery

“If we really disturbed them, they would leave”: Mountain sports participants and wildlife disturbance in the northern French Alps

Integration matters: Combining socio-cultural and biophysical methods for mapping ecosystem service bundles

Is indigenous knowledge serving climate adaptation? Evidence from various African regions

Isolating climatic, tectonic, and lithologic controls on mountain landscape evolution

Less extreme and earlier outbursts of ice-dammed lakes since 1900

Local Observations of Climate Change and Adaptation Responses: A Case Study in the Mountain Region of Burundi–Rwanda

[Book chapter] Lowland and Mountain Heaths, In: Restoration of Ecosystems – Bridging Nature and Humans

Measuring societal impact: how to go beyond standard publication metrics

Microplastics in snow of a high mountain national park: El Teide, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

[Protocol] MIREN survey of plant species in mountains

Moisture Sources and Pathways Determine Stable Isotope Signature of Himalayan Waters in Nepal

Out-migration from the Hills of Garhwal Himalaya: a Case Study

Patterns and determinants of rural–urban migration in the Garhwal Himalay

Rapid upwards spread of non-native plants in mountains across continents

Resilience of Traditional Ritual Practices in Bhutanese Mountain Farming Systems Amid Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activities

Sharpening of cold-season storms over the western United States

Shifts in vegetation activity of terrestrial ecosystems attributable to climate trends

Similar vegetation-geomorphic disturbance feedbacks shape unstable glacier forelands across mountain regions

Socio-ecological gap analysis to forecast species range contractions for conservation

Spatial prediction of the geological hazard vulnerability of mountain road network using machine learning algorithms

Special Feature in Sustainability Science: Networks of Action Situations in Social-Ecological Systems Research

Substantial warming of Central European mountain rivers under climate change

[Book] Sustainable Futures in Southern Africa’s Mountains: Multiple Perspectives on an Emerging City

Teleconnections among tipping elements in the Earth system

The “eco-story” of a mountain range: the development of Socio-Ecological Disturbance Regimes in the northern Drakensberg and consequences for grassland-plant diversity

The impact of tourist visits on mountain gorilla behavior in Uganda

The sensitivity and evolutionary trajectory of the mountain cryosphere: implications for mountain geomorphic systems and hazards

The undetectability of global biodiversity trends using local species richness

Thirty-four years of dendrochronological studies in Perú: A review of advances and challenges

Untangling the importance of dynamic and thermodynamic drivers for wet and dry spells across the Tropical Andes

Vulnerability and loss and damage following the COP27 of the UN framework convention on climate change

Water supply to a mountain village (Drave, North Portugal): historical overview, current scenario, and future perspectives

What is the global glacier ice volume outside the ice sheets?

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