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21-27 May 2022

21st Century alpine climate change

A social-ecological-technological systems framework for urban ecosystem services

Agro-climatic profiles of summer mountain pastures in the French Alps: towards a monitoring tool to contribute to climate risk assessment

Anthropocene at altitude

Controls on the relative melt rates of debris-covered glacier surfaces

Effects of climate change, coal mining and grazing on vegetation dynamics in the mountain permafrost regions

Fire, climate and biotic interactions shape diversity patterns along an Afrotropical elevation gradient

Geospatial patterns and models of subsistence land use in rural Interior Alaska

Living at High Altitude and COVID-19 Mortality in Peru

Local Residents’ Social-Ecological Adaptability of the Qilian Mountain National Park Pilot, Northwestern China

Modeling the Risk Reduction Benefit of Forest Management Using a Case Study in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Quality Assessment and Rehabilitation of Mountain Forest in the Chongli Winter Olympic Games Area, China

Recent mass-balance changes of Agua Negra glacier (30°S) in the Desert Andes of Argentina

South Asian agriculture increasingly dependent on meltwater and groundwater

Spectral induced polarization imaging to investigate an ice-rich mountain permafrost site in Switzerland

The glacier advance at the onset of the Little Ice Age in the Alps: New evidence from Mont Miné and Morteratsch glaciers

Towards accurate quantification of ice content in permafrost of the Central Andes – Part 1: Geophysics-based estimates from three different regions

Watching the Cryosphere Thaw: Seismic Monitoring of Permafrost Degradation Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing During a Controlled Heating Experiment

Weed community structure in upland farming system of the middle mountain region in far-western Nepal

14-20 May 2022

Analysis and farmers’ perception of climate change in the Kashmir Valley, India

Assessing the underlying drivers of change over two decades of land use and land cover dynamics along the Standard Gauge Railway corridor, Kenya

Combined influence of maximum accumulation and melt rates on the duration of the seasonal snowpack over temperate mountains

Dissemination paradox: how contextual realities influence smallholder farmers’ modifications of agroforestry technologies in Uganda’s Mt. Elgon region

Enhanced spring warming in a Mediterranean mountain by atmospheric circulation

Glacial equilibrium line–based relationship for paleoclimate reconstructions (Sierra Nevada, USA)

Heterogeneity in agricultural households and transition paths in southern Tibet

How do anthropogenic pressures affect the provision of ecosystem services of small mountain lakes?

Investment in resilient food systems in the most vulnerable and fragile regions is critical

Microplastics in Flathead Lake, a large oligotrophic mountain lake in the USA

Mitigation measures of debris flow and landslide risk carried out in two mountain areas of North-Eastern Italy

Modern aridity in the Altai-Sayan mountain range derived from multiple millennial proxies

Patterns of distribution, diel activity and human interaction of Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) in the Hindu Kush Mountain, Pakistan

[BOOK] Science on the Roof of the World

Seasonality and Variability of Snowfall to Total Precipitation Ratio over High Mountain Asia Simulated by the GFDL High-Resolution AM4

South Asian agriculture increasingly dependent on meltwater and groundwater

The contributions of resilience to reshaping sustainable development

7-13 May 2022

A multi-level assessment of changes in stakeholder constellations, interest and influence on ecosystem services under different landscape scenarios in southwestern Ethiopia

Analyzing the vulnerabilities and capabilities of wealth creation activities in the Maurienne valley in the French Alps

Black carbon, organic carbon, and mineral dust in South American tropical glaciers: A review

Brief communication: A framework to classify glaciers for water resource evaluation and management in the Southern Andes

Contextualizing climate change impacts on human mobility in African drylands

Changing gender role declines maize yield, but remittances offset: Findings from migrant households in the central Himalayas, Nepal

Congruent responses of vascular plant and ant communities to pastoral land-use abandonment in mountain areas throughout different biogeographic regions

Consistent signals of a warming climate in occupancy changes of three insect taxa over 40 years in central Europe

Glacier mass balance and its impacts on streamflow in a typical inland river basin in the Tianshan Mountains, northwestern China

Improving reference evapotranspiration (ETo) calculation under limited data conditions in the high Tropical Andes

Interdisciplinary insights into a 500-year trajectory of an alpine socio-ecological system in Montaimont, France

Land-use emissions embodied in international trade

Mapping and assessing the knowledge base of ecological restoration

Potential and limitations of convection-permitting CNRM-AROME climate modelling in the French Alps

Risks to carbon storage from land-use change revealed by peat thickness maps of Peru

Tipping point of a conifer forest ecosystem under severe drought

‘To firmly establish our border at the foot of The Hindu Kush’: road construction as a means of legitimizing the rule of the Russian Empire in the Pamir

Understanding monsoon controls on the energy and mass balance of glaciers in the Central and Eastern Himalaya

Wetter and drier regions as large-scale tree restoration shifts water fluxes

Winters are changing: snow effects on Arctic and alpine tundra ecosystems

Whole System Data Integration for Condition Assessments of Climate Change Impacts: An Example in High-Mountain Ecosystems in Rila (Bulgaria)

30 April - 6 May 2022

Analysis of ecotourism infrastructure within the nature-protected areas of the Transcarpathian region (on the example of National Nature Park “Synevyr”)

Assessing Changes in Mountain Treeline Ecotones over 30 Years Using CNNs and Historical Aerial Images

Bias-adjustment of high-resolution temperature CORDEX data over the Carpathian region: Expected changes including the number of summer and frost days

Climate change increases cross-species viral transmission risk

Climate change related processes affecting mountaineering itineraries mapping and application to the Valais Alps (Switzerland)

Earth Observation to Investigate Occurrence, Characteristics and Changes of Glaciers, Glacial Lakes and Rock Glaciers in the Poiqu River Basin (Central Himalaya)

Embracing complexity in landscape management: Learning and impacts of a participatory resilience assessment

How to balance green and grain in marginal mountainous areas?

Impact of Elevation-Dependent Warming on Runoff Changes in the Headwater Region of Urumqi River Basin

[BOOKLET] Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from East Africa 

[BOOKLET] Mountains ADAPT: Solutions from the South Caucasus

Off-Season Agriculture Encroachment in the Uplands of Northern Pakistan: Need for Sustainable Land Management

Regionalization of climate teleconnections across Central Asian mountains improves the predictability of seasonal precipitation

[BOOK] Sacred Mountains of the World (2nd edition)

Spruce Beetle Outbreak Increases Streamflow From Snow-Dominated Basins in Southwest Colorado, USA

Cover photo by Simon Berger.

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