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22 - 28 January 2022

A framework to identify destination vulnerability to hazards

A national extent map of cropland and grassland for Switzerland based on Sentinel-2 data

A transdisciplinary method, knowledge model and management framework for climate change adaptation in mountain areas applied in the Vercors, France

Age-related growth responses of birch to warming along an elevational gradient on Changbai Mountain

Areas of global importance for conserving terrestrial biodiversity, carbon and water

Assessing preferences for mountain wine and viticulture by using a best-worst scaling approach: do mountains really matter for Italians?

Biogeomorphic influences on river corridor resilience to wildfire disturbances in a mountain stream of the Southern Rockies, USA

Climatic and anthropogenic drivers of a drying Himalayan river

Current status and future perspectives of microplastic pollution in typical cryospheric regions

Dam type and lake location characterize ice-marginal lake area change in Alaska and NW Canada between 1984 and 2019

Effects of land use and climate on carbon and nitrogen pool partitioning in European mountain grasslands

Exploring how functional traits modulate species distributions along topographic gradients in Baxian Mountain, North China

Hotspots for social and ecological impacts from freshwater stress and storage loss

Impact of warmer climate periods on flood hazard in the European Alps

Life span of a landslide dam on mountain valley caught on seismic signals and its possible early warnings

Living organisms and sedimentary remains from high mountain lakes in the Alps

Long-period variability in ice-dammed glacier outburst floods due to evolving catchment geometry

Monitoring, Prediction, and Evaluation of Mountain Geological Hazards Based on InSAR Technology

Mountain Permafrost Hydrology—A Practical Review Following Studies from the Andes

On the use of heated needle probes for measuring snow thermal conductivity

Patterns in plant species diversity along the altitudinal gradient in Dhauladhar mountain range of the North-West Himalaya in India

Regional climate modeling of the diurnal cycle of precipitation and associated atmospheric circulation patterns over an Andean glacier region (Antisana, Ecuador)

Roadmap to develop a stress test for forest ecosystem services supply

The contribution of local outdoor recreational services to the sustainable management of environmental resources: the case of Tabor Mountain Recreational Park in Hawassa City, Ethiopia

Trends and variability in snowmelt in China under climate change

Wildlife habitat-suitability analysis for high mountain national parks in the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayan region of northern Pakistan

15 - 21 January 2022

A regionalized IO-model to value seasonal recreational ecosystem services in a mountain National Park in Spain

Automated motif identification: Analysing Flickr images to identify popular viewpoints in Europe’s protected areas

Assessment of Local Adaptive Capacity of Mountain Farmers: A Way Forward for Sustainable Livelihood Development

[Book] East Africa’s Human Environment Interactions

Climate change and the future of the Olympic Winter Games: athlete and coach perspectives

Climate changes and their elevational patterns in the mountains of the world

Climate warming may increase the frequency of cold-adapted haplotypes in alpine plants

Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through development corridors in East Africa: A Q-Methodology approach to imagining development futures

Differences in the transient responses of individual glaciers: a case study of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, USA

Harvesting lithium and sun in the Andes: Exploring energy justice and the new materialities of energy transitions

High concentrations of pharmaceuticals emerging as a threat to Himalayan water sustainability

Is intraspecific variability an advantage in mountain invasions? Comparing functional trait variation in an invasive and a native woody species along multiple environmental gradients

Multi-hazard susceptibility and exposure assessment of the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Not too small to benefit society: insights into perceived cultural ecosystem services of mountain lakes in the European Alps

Observations and Simulated Mechanisms of Elevation-Dependent Warming over the Tropical Andes

Phytoplankton Biodiversity in Two Tropical, High Mountain Lakes in Central Mexico

Seasonal Evolution of Supraglacial Lakes on Baltoro Glacier From 2016 to 2020

Sentinel-1 snow depth retrieval at sub-kilometer resolution over the European Alps

Socio-environmental value of glacier lakes: assessment in the Aosta Valley (Western Italian Alps)

Spatio-temporal variability of avalanche risk in the French Alps

Swiss stone pine growth benefits less from recent warming than European larch at a dry-inner alpine forest line as it reacts more sensitive to humidity

The sensitivity of snow hydrology to changes in air temperature and precipitation in three North American headwater basins

Using the Ecosystem Services Concept to Assess Transformation of Agricultural Landscapes in the European Alps

21 December 2021 - 14 January 2022

160 glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) across the Tropical Andes since the Little Ice Age

Accelerated change in the glaciated environments of western Canada revealed through trend analysis of optical satellite imagery

An inverse relationship between moisture and grazing intensity in an arid mountain-basin system

Central Asia is a missing link in analyses of critical materials for the global clean energy transition

Climatic and Morphometric Explanatory Variables of Glacier Changes in the Andes (8–55°S): New Insights From Machine Learning Approaches

Could road constructions be more hazardous than an earthquake in terms of mass movement?

Decision makers need constantly updated evidence synthesis

Drivers and constraints of land use transitions on Western grasslands: insights from a California mountain ranching community

Estimation of probable maximum precipitation of a high-mountain basin in a changing climate

Future changes in annual, seasonal and monthly runoff signatures in contrasting Alpine catchments in Austria

Global maps of soil temperature

How do social innovations contribute to growth-independent territorial development? Case studies from a Swiss mountain region

How is avalanche danger described in textual descriptions in avalanche forecasts in Switzerland? Consistency between forecasters and avalanche danger

[Book Chapter] Hydropower Plants (HHPs) in High Mountain Areas

Impact of Solar Activity on Snow Cover Variation Over the Tibetan Plateau and Linkage to the Summer Precipitation in China

Increasing collaboration between China and India in the environmental sciences to foster global sustainability

Living with Landslides: Perceptions of Risk and Resilience in Far West Nepal

Modelling and Environmental Assessment of a Stand-Alone Micro-Grid System in a Mountain Hut Using Renewables

Potential supply and actual use of cultural ecosystem services in mountain protected areas and their surroundings

Short-lived species move uphill faster under climate change

Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Geodetic Mass Changes of Glaciers With Varying Debris Cover in the Pangong Region of Trans-Himalayan Ladakh, India Between 1990 and 2019

Spectral amplification of ground motion linked to resonance of large-scale mountain landforms

Stop blaming the climate for disasters

Stoneflies in the genus Lednia (Plecoptera: Nemouridae): sentinels of climate change impacts on mountain stream biodiversity

Subglacial lakes and their changing role in a warming climate

Temperature regime of mountain permafrost in the Russian Altai Mountains

The Andes through time: evolution and distribution of Andean floras

The role of abiotic variables in an emerging global amphibian fungal disease in mountains

Variability in Soil Moisture by Natural and Artificial Snow: A Case Study in Mt. Balwang Area, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Cover image by Leslin Liu.

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