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11-20 December 2021

A synthesis and future research directions for tropical mountain ecosystem restoration

An analytical assessment of climate change trends and their impacts on hydropower in Sondu Miriu River Basin, Kenya

Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers since the Little Ice Age

Beyond practitioner and researcher: 15 roles adopted by actors in transdisciplinary and transformative research processes

Contrasting surface velocities between lake- and land-terminating glaciers in the Himalayan region

Co-productive agility and four collaborative pathways to sustainability transformations

Evaluating landslide response in a seismic and rainfall regime: a case study from the SE Carpathians, Romania

Evidence of elevation-dependent warming from the Chinese Tian Shan

General overestimation of ERA5 precipitation in flow simulations for High Mountain Asia basins

Glacial geomorphology of the former Patagonian Ice Sheet (44–46 °S)

[Report] International Science Council - Global Risks Perceptions Report 2021

Monitoring the changing seismic site response of a fast-moving rockslide (Brienz/Brinzauls, Switzerland)

[Report] FAO & UNWTO - Mountain tourism – Towards a more sustainable path

On a Mountain High: Finding and Documenting Glacial Archaeological Sites During the Anthropocene

Pastoral subsistence and mounted fighting in the Eastern Tianshan Mountain region: New insights from the Shirenzigou worked bone assemblage

Reviewing the participatory management of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: What do we miss by ignoring local academic knowledge in Mexico?

Road verges facilitate exotic species’ expansion into undisturbed natural montane grasslands

Social learning in conservation and natural resource management: taking a sociocultural perspective

Spatio-temporal dynamics of land use on the expansion of coffee agroforestry systems in Cameroon’s production basins

Strategic Forest Reserves can protect biodiversity in the western United States and mitigate climate change

[Report] OECD - Strengthening climate resilience in mountainous areas

The future of Alpine pastures – Agricultural or tourism development? Experiences from the German Alps

Tourists’ perceptual presentation of national forest park -A case study of Wujin mountain national forest park

Trends in recreational walking trail usage in Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for practice

4-10 December 2021

A first attempt at a holistic analysis of various influencing factors on the fish fauna in the Eastern European Alps

[Report]  A Framework for Global Science: In Support of Risk-informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health

Cave mountain permafrost environments in the Picos de Europa and their implications

Coherence of global hydroclimate classification systems

Commentary: Resilience and Social-Ecological Systems: A Handful of Frontiers

Directional turnover towards larger-ranged plants over time and across habitats

Disentangling direct and indirect effects of local temperature on abundance of mountain birds and implications for understanding global change impacts

Divergent Causes of Terrestrial Water Storage Decline Between Drylands and Humid Regions Globally

Elevation explains variation in soil microbial diversity and community composition under experimental warming and fertilization treatments in mountain meadows

Evaluation of consistency among three NDVI products applied to High Mountain Asia in 2000–2015

Glacier retreat creating new Pacific salmon habitat in western North America

Global biomes and ecozones – Conceptual and spatial communalities and discrepancies

[Book] Intimate Connections: Love and Marriage in Pakistan’s High Mountains

Presenting a climate-smart forestry evaluation framework based on national forest inventories

Rainfall anomalies and their impacts on Bhutan’s agro-ecological landscape

Stakeholder perspectives on ecosystem services of mountain lakes in the European Alps

[BOOK] SOLID FLUID BIOTIC changing alpine landscapes

The Energy and Mass Balance of Peruvian Glaciers

The importance of tropical mountain forests for the conservation of dragonfly biodiversity: A case from the Colombian Western Andes

The Multi-Period Settlement Dali in Southeastern Kazakhstan:Bronze Age Institutional Dynamics along the Inner Asian Mountain Corridor

27 November - 3 December 2021

Assessing fog water collection in the coastal mountain range of Antofagasta, Chile

Bridge over troubled water: managing compatibility and conflict among thought collectives in sustainability science

Comparison of Data from Rain Gauges and the IMERG Product to Analyse Precipitation in Mountain Areas of Central Italy

Five years of Alpine Entomology, the International Journal on Mountain Insects

Habitat area and environmental filters determine avian richness along an elevation gradient in mountain peatlands

Mountain freshwater ecosystems and protected areas in the tropical Andes: insights and gaps for climate change adaptation

Land-use changes associated with large-scale land transactions in Ethiopia

Tamm Review: Ecological principles to guide post-fire forest landscape management in the Inland Pacific and Northern Rocky Mountain regions

The Development, History and Future of Cryospheric Geomorphology

The role of human and social capital in earthquake recovery in Nepal

Cover image by Lasse Holst Hansen.

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