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20 -26 November 2021

A systematic evidence map of conservation knowledge in Chilean Patagonia

Bird diversity analysis in the lower mountain forest of mount Bulusaraung to support ecotourism’s activities in Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park

Biodiversity post-2020: Closing the gap between global targets and national-level implementation

Climate resilience of farming systems in steep mountain terrain of selected regions in South Asia

Colonization Pattern of Abandoned Croplands by Quercus pyrenaica in a Mediterranean Mountain Region

Community-based responses for tackling environmental and socio-economic change and impacts in mountain social–ecological systems

Convection-permitting fully coupled WRF-Hydro ensemble simulations in high mountain environment: impact of boundary layer- and lateral flow parameterizations on land–atmosphere interactions

Fine Structure of Microseismic Glacial Stick-Slip

Ice volume and basal topography estimation using geostatistical methods and ground-penetrating radar measurements: application to the Tsanfleuron and Scex Rouge glaciers, Swiss Alps

Impacts of the 2012-2015 Californian Drought on Carbon, Water and Energy Fluxes in Californian Sierras: Results from an Imaging Spectrometry-Constrained Terrestrial Biosphere Model

Le tourisme scientifique dans les Alpes françaises : un laboratoire pour la médiation scientifique et la recherche / Scientific tourism in the French Alps: a laboratory for scientific mediation and research

Memory over matter?—a conceptual framework to integrate social–ecological l legacies in agricultural NCP co-production

Mountain Watch: How LT(S)ER Is Safeguarding Southern Africa’s People and Biodiversity for a Sustainable Mountain Future

Rapid geomorphological and sedimentological changes at a modern Alpine ice margin: lessons from the Gepatsch Glacier, Tirol, Austria

Reduced deforestation and degradation in Indigenous Lands pan-tropically

The Management Response to Wind Disturbances in European Forests

The temporal and spatial changes of the ecological environment quality of the urban agglomeration on the northern slope of Tianshan Mountain and the influencing factors

13 -19 November 2021

Accumulation of legacy fallout radionuclides in cryoconite on Isfallsglaciären (Arctic Sweden) and their downstream spatial distribution

An integrated livelihoods and well-being framework to understand northeastern Colorado ranchers' adaptive strategies

Climate drives global soil carbon sequestration and crop yield changes under conservation agriculture

Collective capabilities shape the co-production of nature’s contributions to people in the alpine agricultural system of the Maurienne valley, France```

Comparing Mountain Snowpack Depth Model Results from Different Airborne Laser Scanning Flight Path Samples

Contributions of Indigenous Knowledge to ecological and evolutionary understanding

Converting monospecific into mixed forests: stakeholders’ views on ecosystem services in the Black Forest Region

Drainage of an ice-dammed lake through a supraglacial stream: hydraulics and thermodynamics

Effects of Forest Changes on Summer Surface Temperature in Changbai Mountain, China

Evaluating the use of the landslide database in spatial planning in mountain communes (the Polish Carpathians)

Flexible and comprehensive criteria for evaluating climate change adaptation success for biodiversity and natural resource conservation

Landslide risk assessment of high-mountain settlements using Gaussian process classification combined with improved weight-based generalized objective function

Long-term sediment storage and flux in a small, catastrophically aggraded mountain catchment

[Book chapter] Mass Movements in Changing Mountainous Environments

Nature-dependent people: Mapping human direct use of nature for basic needs across the tropics

Sustainable developmentality: Interrogating the sustainability gaze and the cultivation of mountain subjectivities in the central Indian Himalayas

The hydrochemistry and water quality of glacierized catchments in Central Asia: A review of the current status and anticipated change

The social shortfall and ecological overshoot of nations

6-12 November

A palaeovegetation and diatom record of tropical montane forest fire, vegetation and hydroseral changes on Mount Kenya from 27,000–16,500 cal yr BP

COVID-19 lockdown shows how much natural mountain regions are affected by heavy tourism

Does glacial retreat impact benthic chironomid communities? A case study from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Geodiversity Assessment as a First Step in Designating Areas of Geotourism Potential. Case Study: Western Carpathians

Glacier tourism and climate change: effects, adaptations, and perspectives in the Alps

Non‐Structural Flood Management in European Rural Mountain Areas—Are Scientists Supporting Implementation?

Northeastern Patagonian Glacier Advances (43°S) Reflect Northward Migration of the Southern Westerlies Towards the End of the Last Glaciation

Observations and Simulated Mechanisms of Elevation-Dependent Warming over the Tropical Andes

Participatory scenario planning and framing of social-ecological systems: an analysis of policy formulation processes in Rwanda and Tanzania

Review article: Performance assessment of radiation-based field sensors for monitoring the water equivalent of snow cover (SWE)

The glacier–rock glacier mountain landsystem: an example from North Iceland

The ‘Rocket Framework’: A Novel Framework to Define Key Performance Indicators for Nature-based Solutions Against Shallow Landslides and Erosion

Transformation and resilience processes in mountain oases at the High Atlas (Morocco) – the case of Aït Mrau, Mgoun Valley

30 October - 5 November

Climate change in the High Mountain Asia in CMIP6

Community Landscapes, Identity, and Practice: Ancestral Pueblos of the Lion Mountain Area, Central New Mexico, USA

Degradation of a protected mountain area by tourist traffic: case study of the Tatra National Park, Poland

Exceptional increases in fluvial sediment fluxes in a warmer and wetter High Mountain Asia

How individual tree characteristics and forest management influence occurrence and richness of tree-related microhabitats in Mediterranean mountain forests

Modeling and comparing streamflow simulations in two different montane watersheds of western himalayas

Mountain Pastoralism in the Eastern Hindu Kush: The Case of Lotkuh Valley, Pakistan 

Need for system of protection against floods and high waters in mountain and foothill rivers of the Caucasus

Non-timber forest products income and inequality status for communities around West Usambara Mountain Forests in Tanzania

Reconciling well-being and resilience for sustainable development

Socio-ecological vulnerability and resilience of mountain communities residing in capital-constrained environments

The glacier–rock glacier mountain landsystem: an example from North Iceland

The Miedzianka Mountain Ore Deposit ( ́Swi ̨etokrzyskie Mountains, Poland) as a Site of Historical Mining and Geological Heritage: A Case Study of the Teresa Adit

Image by Gitti Lohr from Pixabay

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