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20-26 February 2021

Bioclimatic pattern in a Mediterranean mountain area: assessment from a classification approach on a regional scale

Interplay of fluvial incision and rockfalls in shaping periglacial mountain gorges

‘Mountains have names!’ On the history of how mountain names became established

Multi-scale snowdrift-permitting modelling of mountain snowpack

Numerical simulation of mountain waves over the southern Andes, Part 2: Momentum fluxes and wave/mean-flow interactions

Predictive models of distribution and abundance of a threatened mountain species show that impacts of climate change overrule those of land use change

Regional airports and the accessibility of mountain areas: networks, importance, and contribution to development

The conservation of biodiversity of mountain plant communities

The last mile: Flood risk communication for better preparedness in Nepal

The Role of Inter- and Intraspecific Variations in Grassland Plant Functional Traits along an Elevational Gradient in a Mediterranean Mountain Area

13-19 February 2021

A Community‐Supported Weather and Soil Moisture Monitoring Database of the Roaring Fork Catchment of the Colorado River Headwaters

Assessment of GPM-Era Satellite Products’ (IMERG and GSMaP) Ability to Detect Precipitation Extremes over Mountainous Country Nepal

Changes in plant diversity in a water-limited and isolated high-mountain range (Sierra Nevada, Spain)

Drought stress and hurricane defoliation influence mountain clouds and moisture recycling in a tropical forest

Effect of Soil Management on Erosion in Mountain Vineyards (N-W Italy)

Elevation and leaf litter interact in determining the structure of ant communities on a tropical mountain

Forced Migration to Mountain Regions: Empirical Evidence from Two Reception Projects in the Italian Alps

Influence of Random Forest Hyperparameterization on Short-Term Runoff Forecasting in an Andean Mountain Catchment

Hydroclimate of the Andes Part II: Hydroclimate Variability and Sub-Continental Patterns

Nestling diet and parental food provisioning in a declining mountain passerine reveal high sensitivity to climate change

The Analysis of Italian Plant Agrobiodiversity Databases Reveals That Hilly and Sub-Mountain Areas Are Hotspots of Herbaceous Landraces

The vulnerability of lakes to climate change along an altitudinal gradient

Weak relationships of continuous forest management intensity and remotely sensed stand structural complexity in temperate mountain forests

6-12 February 2021

A million year vegetation history and palaeoenvironmental record from the Lake Magadi Basin, Kenya Rift Valley

A regional spatiotemporal analysis of large magnitude snow avalanches using tree rings

Annual and inter-annual variability and trends of albedo of Icelandic glaciers

Ascetic Ressentiment: Historical consciousness and mountain politics in Northeastern Japan

Climate‐change impacts exacerbate conservation threats in island systems: New Zealand as a case study

Culturally diverse expert teams have yet to bring comprehensive linguistic diversity to intergovernmental ecosystem assessments

Distributed summer air temperatures across mountain glaciers in the south-east Tibetan Plateau: temperature sensitivity and comparison with existing glacier datasets

[EDITORIAL] Research Topic: Rock Avalanches

Education for Sustainable Mountain Development: Preliminary Insights From a Web-based Survey of Opportunities

Estimating Watershed Subsurface Permeability From Stream Discharge Data Using Deep Neural Networks

Forest - Related Culture and Contribution to Sustainable Development in the Northern Mountain Region in Vietnam

Introducing the index-based ecological condition assessment framework (IBECA)

Landslides caught on seismic networks and satellite radars

Local landscape position impacts demographic rates in a widespread North American steppe bunchgrass

Machine Learning Improves Debris Flow Warning

Rethinking resilience and development: A coevolutionary perspective

Simulating historical flood events at the continental scale: observational validation of a large-scale hydrodynamic model

The Anthropocene: comparing its meaning in geology (chronostratigraphy) with conceptual approaches arising in other disciplines

UAV & satellite synergies for optical remote sensing applications: A literature review

30 January - 5 February 2021

[BOOK] Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions: Africa

[BOOK] Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions: Eastern Africa

The imperiled alpine grasslands of the Afrotropic realm

Periglacial landforms in the high Drakensberg, Southern Africa: morphogenetic associations with rock weathering rinds and shrub growth patterns

Increased outburst flood hazard from Lake Palcacocha due to human-induced glacier retreat

Getting the message right on nature‐based solutions to climate change

Impact of climate on landscape form, sediment transfer and the sedimentary record

Political / Power Structure and Vulnerability to Natural Disaster in North Western Pakistan

How norms, needs, and power in science obstruct transformations towards sustainability

Determining the evolution of an alpine glacier drainage system by solving inverse problems

Network motifs involving both competition and facilitation predict biodiversity in alpine plant communities

A review of melting ice adaptation strategies in the glacier tourism context

A research framework for projecting ecosystem change in highly diverse tropical mountain ecosystems

A qualitative study of the migration-adaptation nexus to deal with environmental change in Tinghir and Tangier (Morocco)

Glacial change and hydrological implications in the Himalaya and Karakoram

Radiocarbon Dating for the Reconstruction of the 1717 CE Triolet Rock Avalanche in the Mont Blanc Massif, Italy

Inactive and inefficient: Warming and drought effect on microbial carbon processing in alpine grassland at depth

Temperature changes and elevation‐warming relationships in the Carpathian Mountains

Foliar summer frost resistance measured via electrolyte leakage approach as related to plant distribution, community composition and plant traits

Assessing the ecological impacts of transportation infrastructure development: A reconnaissance study of the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya

Recent thermokarst evolution in the Italian Central Alps

Glacial geomorphology of the Ahuriri River valley,central Southern Alps, New Zealand

Evaluation of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Susceptibility Using Multi-Criteria Assessment Framework in Mahalangur Himalaya

Low Flow and Drought in a German Low Mountain Range Basin

Climate and landscape controls on spatio-temporal patterns of stream water stable isotopes in a large glacierized mountain basin on the Tibetan Plateau

Evaluation of Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Predation Risk to Forest Grouse Nests in the Central European Mountain Regions

Deciphering groundwater flow-paths in fault-controlled semiarid mountain front zones (Central Chile)

Spatiotemporal Variability in the Glacier Snowline Altitude across High Mountain Asia and Potential Driving Factors

Good-quality Long-term Forecast of Spring-summer Flood Runoff for Mountain Rivers

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