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23 – 29 January 2021

Review article: Earth's ice imbalance

[REPORT] 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2020

The Consequences of Glacier Retreat Are Uneven Between Plant Species

Progressive water deficits during multiyear droughts in basins with long hydrological memory in Chile

The impact of land-use legacies and recent management on natural disturbance susceptibility in mountain forests

Quantifying the overall effect of artificial glacier melt reduction in Switzerland, 2005–2019

A report on gender diversity and equality in the geosciences: an analysis of the Swiss Geoscience Meetings from 2003 to 2019

Nepalese landslide information system (NELIS): a conceptual framework for a web-based geographical information system for enhanced landslide risk management in Nepal

Components of Himalayan River Flows in a Changing Climate

Evapotranspiration estimates for two tropical mountain forest using high spatial resolution satellite data 

Combined Impacts of Uncertainty in Precipitation and Air Temperature on Simulated Mountain System Recharge from an Integrated Hydrologic Model

Fractions, Contamination and Health Risk of Cadmium in Alpine Soils on the Gongga Mountain, Eastern Tibetan Plateau

Effects of three coniferous plantation species on plant‐soil feedbacks and soil physical and chemical properties in semi‐arid mountain ecosystems

Mountain aquatic Isoëtes populations reflect millennial-scale environmental changes in the Bohemian Forest Ecosystem, Central Europe

Automated digital elevation model (DEM) generation from very-high-resolution Planet SkySat triplet stereo and video imagery

Adopting a governance lens to address urban risks in the Uttarakhand Himalayas: The case of Almora, India

Large-diameter trees, snags, and deadwood in southern Utah, USA

Homeostatic response to three years of experimental warming suggests high intrinsic natural resistance in the páramos to warming in the short term

Creating 1-km long-term (1980–2014) daily average air temperatures over the Tibetan Plateau by integrating eight types of reanalysis and land data assimilation products downscaled with MODIS-estimated temperature lapse rates based on machine learning

A socio‐ecological model for predicting impacts of land‐use and climate change on regional plant diversity in the Austrian Alps

Debris Flow Modelling Using RAMMS Model in the Alpine Environment With Focus on the Model Parameters and Main Characteristics

Halving sunlight reveals no carbon limitation of aboveground biomass production in alpine grassland

Environmental heterogeneity predicts global species richness patterns better than area

Climate Change Interpretation and the Leisure Experience of Participants on a Commercial Tour

Catchworks: A Historical Water-Distribution System on Mountain Meadows in Central Slovakia

16 – 22 January 2021

Climatic impacts on water resources in a tropical catchment in Uganda and adaptation measures proposed by resident stakeholders

Results from the Ice Thickness Models Intercomparison eXperiment Phase 2 (ITMIX2)

Exposure to natural hazard events unassociated with policy change for improved disaster risk reduction

A two-stage blending approach for merging multiple satellite precipitation estimates and rain gauge observations: an experiment in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

Modelling landslide hazards under global changes: the case of a Pyrenean valley

Stratigraphy and Chronology of Sodicho Rockshelter – A New Sedimentological Record of Past Environmental Changes and Human Settlement Phases in Southwestern Ethiopia

Microgeography, Not Just Latitude, Drives Climate Overlap on Mountains from Tropical to Polar Ecosystems

Debris cover and the thinning of Kennicott Glacier, Alaska: in situ measurements, automated ice cliff delineation and distributed melt estimates

Plantations and pastoralists: afforestation activities make pastoralists in the Indian Himalaya vulnerable

Anthropogenic intensification of short-duration rainfall extremes

High mountain rockfall dynamics: rockfall activity and runout assessment under the aspect of a changing cryosphere

Distance decay of place attachment and perceived authenticity of mountain tourism destinations in China

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research: Connecting Minds Across Borders in Science and Societies

Temporal-spatial Variations of Vegetation Cover and Surface Soil Moisture in the Growing Season across the Mountain-Oasis-Desert System in Xinjiang, China

Hillslope and groundwater contributions to streamflow in a Rocky Mountain watershed underlain by glacial till and fractured sedimentary bedrock

Abnormal Change in Spring Snowmelt Over Eurasia and Its Linkage to the East Asian Summer Monsoon: The Hydrological Effect of Snow Cover

Intention to Engage in Winter Sport in Climate Change Affected Environments

19 December 2020 – 15 January 2021

[REPORT] Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian steppe ecosystem – developing a vision. Stakeholder involvement and identification of drivers  and pathways towards sustainable development

[REPORT] Snowpack Monitoring in the Rocky Mountain West: A User Guide

[BOOK] Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk

Hydrothermal modulation of NDVI in the high-altitude semiarid Andes of Chile (30–34°S)

Steep glacier bed knickpoints mitigate inland thinning in Greenland

Continuous estimates of glacier mass balance in High Mountain Asia based on ICESat‐1,2 and GRACE/GRACE Follow‐On data

Moving up and over: redistribution of plants in alpine, Arctic, and Antarctic ecosystems under global change

Lack of phenological shift leads to increased camouflage mismatch in mountain hares

Mbi Crater (Cameroon) illustrates the relations between mountain and lowland forests over the past 15,000 years in western equatorial Africa

Deforestation-induced warming over tropical mountain regions regulated by elevation

Topics and trends in Mountain Livestock Farming research: a text mining approach

Countering the effects of habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation through habitat restoration

Lithogenic hydrogen supports microbial primary production in subglacial and proglacial environments

Snow cover duration trends observed at sites and predicted by multiple models

Genomic vulnerability to rapid climate warming in a tree species with a long generation time

Measuring and inferring the ice thickness distribution of four glaciers in the Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Multi-directional change detection between point clouds

Nonlinear forcing of climate on mountain denudation during glaciations 

Global tree-ring analysis reveals rapid decrease in tropical tree longevity with temperature

Changes in seed predation along a 2300‐m elevational gradient on a tropical mountain in Myanmar: a standardized test with 32 non‐native plant species

Developing a hydrological monitoring and sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting system for South and Southeast Asian river basins

Advanced Processing of Multiplatform Remote Sensing Imagery for the Monitoring of Coastal and Mountain Ecosystems

Tree growth decline as a response to projected climate change in the 21st century in Mediterranean mountain forests of Chile

Spatio-temporal flow variations driving heat exchange processes at a mountain glacier

Assessment of High Resolution Air Temperature Fields at Rocky Mountain National Park by Combining Scarce Point Measurements with Elevation and Remote Sensing Data

Unravelling the linkages of cryosphere and mountain livelihood systems: A case study of Langtang, Nepal

Maintaining biodiversity promotes the multifunctionality of social-ecological systems: holistic modelling of a mountain system

Mountain biodiversity and ecosystem functions: interplay between geology and contemporary environments

Effect of freeze-thaw cycles on soil engineering properties of reservoir bank slopes at the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain

Mountain waves can impact wind power generation

Modeling Surface Processes on Debris-Covered Glaciers: A Review with Reference to the High Mountain Asia

Lake Atitlan: A Review of the Food, Energy, and Water Sustainability of a Mountain Lake in Guatemala

Relationship between Morphological Characteristics and Quality of Aquatic Habitat in Mountain Streams of Slovakia

Insights into a remote cryosphere: a multi-method approach to assess permafrost occurrence at the Qugaqie basin, western Nyainqêntanglha Range, Tibetan Plateau

Climate Warming Decreases Plant Diversity but Increases Community Biomass in High-Altitude Grasslands

Identifying Paths to Successful Higher Education for Girls in the Solukhumbu District, Nepal

An extreme climatic event and systemic vulnerabilities in the face of conflict: insights from the Taliban insurgency in Swat, Pakistan

Rock glaciers and related cold rocky landforms: overlooked climate refugia for mountain biodiversity

Gully prevention and control: Techniques, failures and effectiveness

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