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23-29 May, 2020

Environmental features and dynamics of plankton communities in a mountain glacial moraine lake (Baikal Lake basin, Russia)

Spatial year‑ahead forecast of air temperature and precipitation in large mountain areas

Quantitative Assessment of the Relative Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on the Key Ecosystem Services in the Hengduan Mountain Region, China

60 Years of Glacier Elevation and Mass Changes in the Maipo River Basin, Central Andes of Chile

Review article: Natural hazard risk assessments at the global scale

Climate impacts on tree growth in a Neotropical high mountain forest of the Peruvian Andes

Promoting science based diplomacy in the Upper Indus Basin through a research network

Global high-resolution mountain green cover index mapping based on Landsat images and Google Earth Engine

Comparison between observations and gridded data sets over complex terrain in the Chilean Andes: Precipitation and temperature

Future transboundary water stress and its drivers under climate change: a global study

Projected impacts of climate change on drought patterns over East Africa

Quantifying spatial supply-demand mismatches in ecosystem services provides insights for land-use planning

Comparison of Changing Population Exposure to Droughts in River Basins of the Tarim and the Indus

Do changes in snow conditions have an impact on snowmaking investments in French Alps ski resorts?

16-22 May, 2020

Distributed Acoustic Sensing of Microseismic Sources and Wave Propagation in Glaciated Terrain

Suspended sediment budget and intra-event sediment dynamics of a small glaciated mountainous catchment in the Northern Caucasus

Evaluation of long-term Northern Hemisphere snow water equivalent products

Summer aridity rather than management shapes fitness‐related functional traits of the threatened mountain plant Arnica montana

Contingency and Agency in the Mountain Landscapes of the Western Pyrenees: A Place-Based Approach to the Long Anthropocene

Rolling stones gather moss: movement and longevity of moss balls on an Alaskan glacier

The Impact of Reforestation Induced Land Cover Change (1990–2017) on Flood Peak Discharge Using HEC-HMS Hydrological Model and Satellite Observations: A Study in Two Mountain Basins, China

Specialized meltwater biodiversity persists despite widespread deglaciation

Current thermal state of permafrost in the southern Peruvian Andes and potential impact from El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Yield and Profitability of Crop Production in Mountain Less Favoured Areas

Should altitudinal gradients of temperature and precipitation inputs be inferred from key parameters in snow-hydrological models?

Active layer and permafrost thickness in rock glaciers derived from geophysical methods in the semiarid Andes of Argentina

Geo-climatic hazards in the eastern subtropical Andes: distribution, climate drivers and trends

Patterns and trends of Northern Hemisphere snow mass from 1980 to 2018

9-15 May, 2020

Transforming Sustainability Science to Generate Positive Social and Environmental Change Globally 

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Hazard, Downstream Impact, and Risk Over the Indian Himalayas

Toward community predictions: Multi-scale modelling of mountain breeding birds' habitat suitability, landscape preferences, and environmental drivers 

Assessing the factors governing the ability to predict late-spring flooding in cold-region mountain basins

Do southern Appalachian Mountain summer stream temperatures respond to removal of understory rhododendron thickets?

Comparative evaluation of VIIRS daily snow cover product with MODIS for snow detection in China based on ground observations 

Topography and human pressure in mountain ranges alter expected species responses to climate change 

Adaptive Strategies Adopted by Herders Against the Decollectivization of Rangeland in the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau in China 

Walking and Stumbling on the Paths of Heritage-making for Rural Development in the Arica Highlands 

Reconstruction of snow days based on monthly climate indicators in the Swiss pre-alpine region

The Afromontane Research Unit: Reaching for New Heights 

Estimating the longevity of glaciers in the Xinjiang region of the Tian Shan through observations of glacier area change since the Little Ice Age using high-resolution imagery 

Defining robustness, vulnerabilities, and consequential scenarios for diverse stakeholder interests in institutionally complex river basins

Glacier mass and area changes on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, 1986–2016

Toward community predictions: Multi‐scale modelling of mountain breeding birds' habitat suitability, landscape preferences, and environmental drivers

Local and landscape-level diversity effects on forest functioning

Pollen record of climate change during the last deglaciation from the eastern Tibetan Plateau 

1-8 May, 2020

A framework for the predictive mapping of forest soil properties in mountain areas

20th Century Retreat and Recent Drought Accelerated Extinction of Mountain Glaciers and Perennial Snowfields in the Trinity Alps, California  

Knowledge coproduction improves understanding of environmental change in the Ethiopian highlands  

Clinging on to alpine life: Investigating factors driving the uphill range contraction and population decline of a mountain breeding bird 

Parsing complex terrain controls on mountain glacier response to climate forcing

Land Functions, Rural Space Governance, and Farmers‘ Environmental Perceptions: A Case Study from the Huanjiang Karst Mountain Area, China 

The Mountain Weather and Climate of Denali, Alaska—An Overview

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