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 24 - 30 October 2020

The Sustainable Development Goals need geoscience

A 3000-year record of vegetation changes and fire at a high-elevation wetland on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

From present to future development pathways in fragile mountain landscapes

The end of the eternal snows: Integrative mapping of 100 years of glacier retreat in the Venezuelan Andes

Systematic bias of Tibetan Plateau snow cover in subseasonal-to-seasonal models

Cultural ecosystem services in mountain regions: Conceptualising conflicts among users and limitations of use

Climate controls on erosion in tectonically active landscapes

Long-Term Temporal Changes of Precipitation Quality in Slovak Mountain Forests

Assessment of an improved individual tree detection method based on local-maximum algorithm from unmanned aerial vehicle RGB imagery in overlapping canopy mountain forests

Aeolian dust transport, cycle and influences in high-elevation cryosphere of the Tibetan Plateau region: New evidences from alpine snow and ice

17 - 23 October 2020

Set ambitious goals for biodiversity and sustainability

An uphill battle? The elevational distribution of alien plant species along rivers and roads in the Austrian Alps

Neighborhood bully: no difference in territorial response toward neighbors or strangers in marmots

One and a half century of avalanche risk to settlements in the upper Maurienne valley inferred from land cover and socio-environmental changes

Last chance to see the ice: visitor motivation at Montenvers-Mer-de-Glace, French Alps

Disentangling the historic and future impacts of land use changes and climate variability on the hydrology of a mountain region in Brazil

Meteorological observations collected during the Storms and Precipitation Across the continental Divide Experiment (SPADE), April–June 2019

Projections of Mountain Snowpack Loss for Wolverine Denning Elevations in the Rocky Mountains

The Perception of Ecosystem Services of MountainFarming and of a Local Cheese: An Analysis for the Touristic Valorization of an Inner Alpine Area

Variability in glacier albedo and links to annual mass balance for the gardens of Eden and Allah, Southern Alps, New Zealand

Variation in Leaf Size and Fluctuating Asymmetry of Mountain Birch (Betula pubescens var. pumila) in Space and Time: Implications for Global Change Research

Andean drought and glacial retreat tied to Greenland warming during the last glacial period

Deep ice layer formation in an alpine snowpack: monitoring and modeling

Wolves without borders: Transboundary survival of wolves in Banff National Park over three decades

10-16 October 2020

How flood risks shape policies: flood exposure and risk perception in Swiss municipalities

How Lithology Impacts Global Topography, Vegetation, and Animal Biodiversity: A Global‐Scale Analysis of Mountainous Regions

A review of groundwater in high mountain environments

Forest Biodiversity, Carbon Sequestration, and Wood Production: Modeling Synergies and Trade-Offs for Ten Forest Landscapes Across Europe

Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration

Spatial scale determines how the morphological diversity relates with river biological diversity. Evidence from a mountain river in the central Chilean Andes

Hydro-climatic variation drives the long-term ecological evolution of neotropical floodplain lakes: an example from the Magdalena River system, Colombia

Determinants of tree seedling establishment in alpine tundra

Headwaters fed by subterranean ice: potential climate refugia for mountain stream communities?

Fuel availability not fire weather controls boreal wildfire severity and carbon emissions

Dust dominates high-altitude snow darkening and melt over high-mountain Asia

A new method for microplastic sampling and isolation in mountain glaciers: A case study of one antisana glacier, Ecuadorian Andes

Approaching 80 years of snow water equivalent information by merging different data streams

The role of meteorological forcing and snow model complexity in winter glacier mass balance estimation, Columbia River basin, Canada 

Cenozoic evolution of the steppe-desert biome in Central Asia

The mechanical origin of snow avalanche dynamics and flow regime transitions

Assessing global water mass transfers from continents to oceans over the period 1948–2016

Revisiting climate change effects on winter chill in mountain oases of northern Oman

Variability and plant communities’ diversity of acidophilous dwarf-heath mountain tundra (the class Loiseleurio-Vaccinietea) in Romanian Carpathians

Debris flows originating in the mountain cryosphere under a changing climate: A review

Invasive legume affects species and functional composition of mountain meadow plant communities

3 - 9 October 2020

Sustainability Science: Toward a Synthesis

Towards integrated assessments of water risks in deglaciating mountain areas: water scarcity and GLOF risk in the Peruvian Andes

Robustness of CMIP6 Historical Global Mean Temperature Simulations: Trends, Long‐Term Persistence, Autocorrelation, and Distributional Shape

20-years of hindsight into hydrological dynamics of a mountain forest catchment in the Central Spanish Pyrenees

Prepare Scientists to Engage in Science‐Policy

Updated inventory of glacier ice in NewZealand based on 2016 satellite imagery

Proceedings of the international forum on cryosphere and society: The voice of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (Report)

The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in non‐native plant invasion along mountain roads

A Recently Formed Triploid Cardamine insueta Inherits Leaf Vivipary and Submergence Tolerance Traits of Parents

Unlocking plant resources to support food security and promote sustainable agriculture

Climate and land‐use change will lead to a faunal ‘savannization’ on tropical rainforests

Spatial modelling of ecological indicator values improves predictions of plant distributions in complex landscapes

The River’s Lizard Tail: Braiding Indigenous Knowledges with Geomorphology

Climate and land-use as the main drivers of recent environmental change in a mid-altitude mountain lake, Romanian Carpathians

Remote Sensing of Mountain Permafrost Landscape by multi-Fusion Data Modeling. Example of VerkhoyanskRidge (Russia)

Spatiotemporal variation of snowline altitude at the end of melting season across High Mountain Asia, using MODIS snow cover product

27 September - 2 October 2020

Land use planning in disputed mountain areas: conflicting interests and common arenas

Microgeography, not just latitude, drives climate overlap on mountains from tropical to polar ecosystems

Influence of climate, soil, and land cover on plant species distribution in the European Alps

Rethinking the nexus of Climate change, Development and Discourse of danger in Central Asia (Mountain Societies Research Institute Brief - Sept 2020)

A quantitative assessment of rockfall influence on forest structure in the Swiss Alps

Glacio‐hydrological model calibration and evaluation

Rapid climate change results in long-lasting spatial homogenization of phylogenetic diversity

Belowground Impacts of Alpine Woody Encroachment are determined by Plant Traits, Local Climate and Soil Conditions

The invasive grass genus Nassella in South Africa: A synthesis

Modelling regional glacier length changes over the last millennium using the Open Global Glacier Model

A Brief Analysis of Conceptual Model Structure Uncertainty Using 36 Models and 559 Catchments

Forest Dieback, a Tangible Proof of Climate Change? A Cross-Comparison of Forest Stakeholders’ Perceptions and Strategies in the Mountain Forests of Europe and China

Light availability predicts mortality probability of conifer saplings in Swiss mountain forests better than radial growth and tree size

Mountain waves produced by a stratified shear flow with a boundary layer. Part II: Form drag, wave drag, and transition from downstream sheltering to upstream blocking

Mountain Lake Evaporation: A Comparative Study between Hourly Estimations Models and In Situ Measurements

Quantifying the impacts of drought and ecological restoration on net primary production changes in the Chinese Loess Plateau

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