The EGU Training Schools calls for meeting support requests for the 2021 term. 

Deadline to apply is 14 August 2020.

EGU training schools offer early career scientists specialist training opportunities they do not normally have access to in their home institutions. This is done by assembling a group of expert teachers around a narrowly defined theme, technique or approach, in a location that is especially well set up to meet the specific training needs. Training schools can be positioned near emerging research opportunities, rapidly evolving fields, interdisciplinary approaches or highly specialised skills. They foster bonds between early career scientists and give them a chance to meet and discuss with current leaders of their field.

The EGU financial support must be used to facilitate the participation of early career scientists with limited funding through travel grants and/or to support the quality of the school by organising field trips or by inviting exceptional lecturers.

Read more about the EGU Training Schools, including a list of past calls and meetings, here.

Submission Rules

  • The event must be scientific and have a well-defined topic, commensurate with the stated aims of the EGU meetings programme within which it is to take place.
  • The event must have a scientific/teaching committee of international composition and stature. This committee must cover all aspects of the event topic in expert fashion.
  • The event must have broad, international participation, not favouring delegates from any particular country or nation.
  • The event must have a structure and programme optimised to achieve the stated aims of the EGU meetings programme.
  • The scientific/teaching committee is responsible for the implementation of the scientific programme of the event.
  • The event must be organised on a cost-price basis, participation fees and external sponsorship covering the budget in its entirety, unless the EGU pledges funds or support in kind.

  • The event will be clearly branded as an EGU event in all correspondence and publications.

  • The applicant must be an EGU member.

  • The EGU can choose to offer limited financial support to individual events. Typically, this does not exceed €5K. Often the EGU stipulates the way in which these funds must be spent.

  • The event should not be held during the General Assembly.

  • A post-event report is due to the EGU Topical Events Committee.

Submit a Support Request

Please use the application form provided on the official 'requesting support' page and read the corresponding guidelines stipulated there to initiate a support request for the year 2021.

Deadline to submit is 14 August 2020

Visit the Official 'Requesting Support' Page & Submit



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