caribou 2035472 640This article published in Royal Society Open Science illustrates how glacial archeology is uncovering unprecedented historical data on high-elevation human activity as a result of melting perennial ice. 

Recent research in Jotunheimen and the surrounding mountain areas of Norway has recovered over 2000 historical finds—many associated with reindeer hunting (e.g., arrows). This article reports the radiocarbon dates of 153 objects and uses a kernel density estimation (KDE) method to determine the distribution of dated events from ca 4000 BCE to the present. Interpreted in light of shifting environmental, preservation, and socio-economic factors, this new data shows counterintuitive trends in the intensity of reindeer hunting and other high-elevation activity.

Lars PiløEspen FinstadChristopher Bronk RamseyJulian Robert Post MartinsenAtle NesjeBrit SolliVivian WangenMartin CallananJames H. Barrett: The chronology of reindeer hunting on Norway's highest ice patches. Royal Society Open Science (2018). DOI: 10.1098/rsos.171738.

The full article is available to download here. 

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