russia mountainsTaking place 4-6 June 2018 in Moscow, this thematic conference's rich and varied programme has plenty to offer the mountain research community. 

Held under the auspices of the International Geographical Union (IGU), Geography and XXI Century Challenges is a thematic conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences - the largest world-renowned geographical research organization in Russia.

This event aims to strengthen integration between the social and environmental branches of geography, and will provide an overview of the domestic and international trends in geography’s development in order to analyze the growing impact of scientific research internationalization. It will also provide an opportunity to examine the aggravation of global problems, changing theoretical paradigms, and the radical renewal of research methods and prediction validity.

A mountain focus
As part of an interesting and varied programme, there are a number of thematic sessions which may be of specific interest to the mountain research community. These include 'Mountains 21: New Challenges - Role and Responsibility of Geography' co-chaired by Yuri Badenkov and MRI SLC member Alexey Gunya, which aims to explore topics such as the contribution of geography to complex inter- and transdisciplinary studies of mountain regions, the adaptation of mountainous socio-ecological systems to global changes at local and regional levels, the management of natural risks in mountain regions, and the inclusion of mountains in the global development agenda for the 21st century. 

Other sessions include 'Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: Data and Observations,' dealing with field measurement, remote sensing, and data management topics, and 'Cold and High Altitude Regions: Challenges and Solutions for Achieving Sustainability,' exploring the role of scientific investigation in achieving sustainability and resilience in the Arctic, Antarctic, and high altitude regions that are experiencing rapid social, ecological, and geopolitical change.

The full programme is available to view and download here. 

Early bird registration for this event is now open, and the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations is welcome until 1 March 2018. 

To find out more, please visit the Geography and XXI Century Challenges conference website. 

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