arctic ocean 79833 1280 smallThe Swiss Polar Institute has launched a new funding instrument to support early-career scientists to take field trips to polar regions.

The Polar Access Fund is open to any doctoral student or early post-doctoral researcher based at a Swiss university or research institution, and aims to enable young researchers to undertake their first field trip to a polar region.

The research conducted during the field trip must be incorporated within an existing and funded project (e.g., to enlarge its scope or for comparisons) and be related to the issue of climate change.

Funding of up to CHF 20,000 can be granted per successfully evaluated proposal. Each field trip can last up to 12 weeks and can be undertaken in any polar region, Arctic or Antarctic. Trips to high altitude regions such as the Andes or Himalaya are also eligible. The organisation, logistics, and choice of destination are up to the applicant. 

This call is open to all disciplines interested in working in the above regions. Interdisciplinary initiatives as well as initiatives from social sciences, humanities, and economics are also encouraged. All proposals should underline the link of their project with issues related to climate change.

Applications will be accepted until 1 March 2018. The call will be repeated annually. 

The Polar Access Fund is an instrument co-funded by the Swiss Polar Institute and the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation.

To find out more about eligibility and how to apply, please visit the Swiss Polar Institute website. 

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