cobweb smallSubmissions are invited for an upcoming focus collection of the journal Environmental Research Letters entitled ‘Environmental Research Infrastructures: New Scientific Capabilities to Address Global Challenges.'
In this collection coordinated by COOP+, a Horizon 2020 project, the scientific and technological capabilities of current environmental research infrastructures will be evaluated by their ability to address global environmental challenges. Cooperative and interdisciplinary contributions are sought that pull together ideas from ecology, biogeochemistry, Earth sciences, and/or social sciences to describe the role of research infrastructures in providing part of the global solution.
Focal areas of interest for this collection include, but are not limited to, challenges such as coral bleaching, marine plastic debris, alterations of biogeochemical cycles, impacts on biodiversity, geohazards and extreme events, emergent pollutants, human impact on coastal areas, and the global urbanization process. Contributors are encouraged to describe fruitful cooperative constellations involving research infrastructures and global networks, academia, and industry, and to identify data, technology, and social gaps that are hindering global action.

This is a great opportunity for the global mountain community to explicitly discuss the role of infrastructure (monitoring, data management, remote sensing, etc.) in mountain areas. 
Submissions are open from now until 15 April 2018. Focus collections will be published incrementally. 
Further details, including the full scope and aims of the collection, can be found here.

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