eco.montThe January issue of this open-access journal reflects on many aspects of protected mountain areas, including tourism, economic development, and biodiversity.

This latest edition of eco.mont: Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management presents a review of private protected areas in Latin America and their role in conservation practices, and a study carried out in the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains of the Czech Republic that introduces a growth simulation model for future changes in forest ecosystems.

It also includes a study carried out in the Tatra National Park (Czech Republic and Poland) that profiles visitors to two of the most heavily-used leisure destinations accessible by cable car, and a further study that investigates whether the willingness of visitors to engage in physically challenging recreational and sports activities can be used as a visitor-segmentation criterion. An exploration of the positive psycho-physiological effects of managed or unmanaged meadows is also introduced. Three further articles deal with aspects of biodiversity in three very different biogeographic regions in Asia – the Himalayas, the Altiparmak Mountains, and the Taurus Mountains. 

You can access this journal here. 

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