In April 2022, the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner with the TEAMx Programme. This partnership aims to support scientific exchange and collaboration between the two organizations' respective communities. 

The TEAMx Programme (Multi-Scale Transport and Exchange Processes in the Atmosphere Over Mountains) is an international research programme that seeks to improve understanding of atmospheric processes over mountainous terrain. Several members of the MRI Elevation Dependent Climate Change Working Group are also part of the TEAMx Programme, and were instrumental in encouraging this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to support closer links between the two organizations. 

"The MoU was raised at meetings had with the MRI Board, as well as the MRI Science Leadership Council, all of whom endorsed this collaboration via the respective Working Groups that inspired this exchange," said MRI Executive Director Carolina Adler. "We all agree that such expressions of collaboration send clear and positive signals to our respective communities to engage in pursuing common research activity goals."

edccMRI Workshop: From Elevation Dependent Warming to Elevation Dependent Climate Change

From 15-17 September 2022, the MRI Elevation Dependent Climate Change Working Group will be holding a workshop in Innsbruck, Austria focused on elevational gradients of change in key meteorological/climate variables and their broader consequences. Registration is now open, and closes 15 May.

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For more information about the MRI Elevation Dependent Climate Change Working Group, including details on current activities and how to join, please see the Working Group webpage. 

Cover image by Karl Egger.

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