Conéctate A+, the Cluster of Cooperation (CLOC) in the Tropical Andes and Central America region, initiated its second phase this week. The MRI, CONDESAN, and the University of Zurich (Co-Heads) met with the CLOC's Founding Partners to begin developing a work plan. 

Since it began in 2019, Conéctate A+ has functioned as a regional research collaboration hub and ‘network of networks’ in the Tropical Andes and Central America that promotes inter- and transdisciplinary research on climate change, ecosystems, and health. In addition to the MRI and CONDESAN's existing networks, Conéctate A+ is combining new partnerships and inviting new members.

The Co-Heads of Conéctate A+, the MRI, CONDESAN, and the University of Zurich, collaborated with the founding partners on a strategy document outlining proposed activities for the second phase of this CLOC.  The swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network (SUDAC) endorsed the proposal at their assembly in May 2021,  confirming that Conéctate A+ will receive resources to continue and expand its activities until 2024. 

The Co-Heads and Founding Partners met virtually to begin developing a work plan for the second phase of Conéctate A+, which includes enhancing the Conéctate A+ website and funding another round of small research grants (the results from the successful program in phase 1 will be shared in the second half of 2021). In order to better connect students and researchers in the Tropical Andes and Central America region and Switzerland, Conéctate A+ is also developing a series of engaging virtual exchanges. Find more information about one such event here

Find more information about the first phase of the CLOC here. Review the strategy for the second phase here.

The CLOC Conéctate A+ integrates the Consortia for Education and Research (COFERs) One Health and Knowledge for Climate. Find more information about One Health here

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Image by Marcelo Trujillo.

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