A new issue of the open-access journal eco.mont – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management is now available.

Edited by Valerie Braun, Martin Coy, and Günter Köck, this issue of eco.mont includes an editorial by Dr. Matej Gabrovec of the Anton Melik Geographical Institute, and covers topics from biosphere reserves, to the implications of tourism and recreation, to herpetofauna, and more. 

Readers will find this issue available online here

See below the table of contents of this issue:

Matej Gabrovec
Editorial (page 3)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Mosè Cometta
Protected Areas and Territorial Tensions: The Ticinese Case of Adula Park (page 4)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Severus-Daniel Covaciu-Marcov - Paula-Vanda Popovici - Alfred-Ştefan Cicort-Lucaciu - István Sas-Kovács - Diana Cupşa - Sára Ferenţi
Herpetofauna diversity in the middle of the Southern Carpathians: data from a recent survey (2016–2018) in Cozia National Park (Romania) (page 11)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Estela Inés Farías-Torbidoni - Demir Barić
The economic impact of tourism on protected natural areas: examining the influence of physical activity intensity on visitors’ spending levels (page 22)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Vera Kopp - Joy Coppes
Why do people leave marked trails? Implications for managing outdoor recreationists (page 33)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marlene Salchner
LIFE Lech – Dynamic River System Lech (page 41)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stefano Santi - Paola Cigalotto - Alessandro Benzoni
The Italian Julian Alps – A new Biosphere Reserve for a sustainable future (page 46)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Valerie Braun - Christian Diry - Heinrich Mayer - Anna Weber - Günter Köck
Conservation, development and logistical support: How are these three functions incorporated in Austrian Biosphere Reserves? (page 52)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Günter Köck - Darja Kranjc - Irena Lazar - Vanja Debevec
From a research vision to a state-of-the-art research strategy: UNESCO experts’ meeting in the Karst and River Reka Basin Biosphere Reserve (page 58)
(Abstract) (PDF)

Valerie Braun - Günter Köck
Book Review (page 64)
(Abstract) (PDF)

See the Issue eco.mont 12/2

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