A new issue of the European Journal of Tourism Research  explores the role of mountains as a tourist destination through a guest editorial on 'Mountain Tourism in Europe'.

The latest issue of the European Journal of Tourism Research, Vol 22, is now available online, and open access. This issue aims to encourage debate among scholars on different European mountain tourism views and perspectives, highlighting three different papers on the topic. 

The first of these three mountain-focused papers is 'Mountain Tourism Research: A review'. According to the authors of this paper, the objective of this research was "to identify and analyse the indexed scientific production on 'mountain tourism' in the international databases Scopus and Web of Science, in order to analyse in-depth the current state of this area of study." The study also discusses the similarities and differences in research which can arise, starting with the definition of the term 'mountain tourism'. 
The second contribution, 'Understanding the Role of Destination Imagery in Mountain Destination Choice: Evidence From an Exploratory Research,' is based on an extensive survey of European mountain tourists on the topic of their favourite mountain destination, in order to build a picture of the elements of which this favourite destination consists. The results suggest that the imagery of favourite mountain destinations consists mostly of functional elements. 

The final paper focuses on a topic of increasing relevance for winter destinations all across the globe: the relationship between climate change and winter tourism. 'Climate Change and Ski Industry in Pamporovo Resort, Bulgaria: An Exploratory Study on the Tourists' Perceptions' presents the provisional results of a survey of tourists at Pamporovo, a major Bulgarian ski resort, on issues of  climate change and what it might mean for the destination. The results show only a moderate denial of possible changes, while the majority of those surveyed accepted climate change as a fact, along with its consequences. Although most of those interviewed consider Pamporovo to be a four season destination, a considerable number stated that they would substitute Pamporovo with a higher altitude destination should climate change have a considerable impact.

You can read the full, open-access issue of this edition of the European Journal of Tourism Research on the journal website. 

The European Journal of Tourism Research is an open access academic journal in the field of tourism, published by Varna University of Management, Bulgaria.

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