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The world is warming rapidly, and this change is particularly evident in mountainous regions with already observable consequences on flora and fauna. This book presents concepts, methodologies and major achievements arising from recent research in climate change ecology in mountain environments. It actively frames the research within a historical context by exploring the perspectives of travellers and naturalists during the Romantic era, with a particular spotlight on the pioneering contributions of Alexander von Humboldt.

An annual mountain report highlighting the changes in Canada’s alpine environment.

The latest issue of the bilingual Journal of Alpine Research/Revue de Géographie Alpine (111-2 | 2023) delves deep into the world of high alpine mountains and their glaciated slopes.

Volume 20, issue number 9 of the Journal of Mountain Science is now available online.

This Special Issue “Integrative Water Resources Research and Management in the Andes,” is now featured in the open-access Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies. Two MRI members - Christian Huggel (former MRI Co-Principal Investigator) and Fabian Drenkhan - edited this collection, which includes several interconnected relevant MRI community topics such as integrated hydrological modelling, drought assessment, water-energy-food nexus and security, and water management.

A new study on glacier shrinkage and how the decline of glaciers may produce new terrestrial, marine, and freshwater ecosystems in the future. 

A new study published in Nature Climate Change and co-authored by former MRI Science Leadership Council member, Samuel Morin, warns that a quarter of European ski resorts could face snow scarcity every other year due to 2°C of global heating, raising doubts about their future. This Carbon Brief guest post digs into the details.

A new study on how the palaeoecological and archaeological syntheses covers past years of entangled environmental and human histories of Africa’s mountains that can be used to define the varied social-ecological dynamics and legacies of this biocultural heritage (Marchant et al., 2018). MRI Science Leadership Council member, Robert Marchant, is among the authors of this publication. 

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