New Publication

A new review in Environmental Sciences Europe combines three lines of evidence to show that also waterbodies as remote as mountain lakes are put at risk by chemical pollution.

As their 50th year of publishing research on Nepal and the Himalayas draws to a close, HIMALAYA is proud to bring issue 41.2 to readers across the globe.

In this policy brief, the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme and the World Network of Mountain Biosphere Reserves present their recommendations for harnessing the socio-ecological potential of mountain biosphere reserves for biodiversity conservation.

New paper featured in Ecology and Society explores adaptation strategies used by smallholder coffee farmers in mountainous regions in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.

Mountains play a crucial role for both the highlands and lowlands, but are particularly vulnerable to climate change and human interventions. A new policy brief, co-authored by MRI SLC member Rob Marchant, focuses on ecosystem restoration in the mountains.

A new paper suggests that hazards and nature’s contributions to people (NCP) indicators are not the main drivers of Nature-based solutions (NbS) implementation.

In this issue, four studies from Italy, France, and Cyprus examine how the production of Mediterranean mountain food specialties—cheese, beef, and wine—can support sustainable development in the producing regions.

A new paper rethinks mountain water security, calling for a better understanding of the complex interaction between glacial meltwater and coupled human-natural systems. 

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