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A special issue of the Journal of Mountain ScienceDisaster Risk Reduction in Mountain Areas’ Volume 19 Issue 6, June 2022, co-guest edited by MRI SLC member Irasema Alcantara-Ayala.

The latest issue of eco.mont aims to raise awareness of the importance of mountain protected areas, and with the publication of long-term studies, support and outline the interaction of scientists and PA managers.

In the latest issue of the journal eco.mont (Volume 14, Number 2, July 2022), underlines the importance of monitoring programmes in Alpine protected areas (PAs).

Articles in this open issue examine the workings of the 'smart village' concept in the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland; the role of local food products in fostering mountain tourism in the Italian Alps; the benefits of wild plants’ ecosystem services for local livelihoods in the Polish Pieniny Mountains; and rural residents’ sense of place in an ecological restoration area in the mountains of Guizhou, China.

This issue of Mountain Research and Development also contains a synthesis of the outcomes of sessions and recommendations for future research in mountain areas from the International Mountain Conference (IMC), held in Innsbruck, Austria, in September 2019. MRI Executive Director Carolina Adler is among the authors. 

This paper by Price et al. presents a synthesis of the outcomes of sessions and recommendations for future research in mountain areas from the International Mountain Conference (IMC), held in Innsbruck, Austria, in September 2019.

The thematic sections of the paper consider: first, the paleosciences, particularly archaeology; second, (bio)physical systems—the climate system, the cryo- and hydrosphere, and the biosphere—and their relationships with human systems; third, natural hazards and risks; and fourth, demographic and sociocultural trends, globalization (energy and transport networks, tourism, food supplies), policymaking, development, and research. Each section includes key literature relating to its theme, together with recommendations from the respective sessions. The paper concludes with a discussion and conclusions on the process of producing the synthesis, and its value for preparation and synthesis strategies for future conferences.

Read more: Martin F. PriceWolfgang GurgiserIrmgard JuenCarolina AdlerSusanne Wymann von DachGeorg KaserStefan Mayr, and contributing IMC2019 moderators. 'The International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, September 2019 (IMC2019): A Synthesis with Recommendations for Research.' Mountain Research and Development (2022):

Read the paper in full. 

In this focus issue, studies from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina, Ecuador, and across the Andes investigate factors affecting pastoral social-ecological systems in mountains, and how societies respond to environmental, socioeconomic, and political changes.

The studies also present recommendations for action on behalf of sustainable development, especially toward enhancing resilience in mountain pastoral systems. The guest editors hope that the rich insights will spark multistakeholder collaboration and innovation to tackle the challenges facing pastoralists and rangelands in mountains today.

The latest issue of the open access journal Mountain Research and Development is now available, covering topics from how ski resorts are responding to climate change to irrigation systems in the Upper Indus Basin.

Two articles in this open issue focus on ski resorts in the USA and how they can respond to climate change: one presents a voluntary environmental program for large resorts, the other analyzes climate change impacts and adaptation action. A comprehensive review of literature on adaptation action in mountain areas worldwide emphasizes the need to close the adaptation gap in mountains.

Published this month, this OECD Development Co-operation Working Paper presents approaches to strengthening the resilience of human and natural systems in mountainous areas against the impacts of climate change.

OECD Development Co-operation Working Papers cover work on understanding aid flows, strengthening aid delivery, and improving development policy.

'ME AND THE BIOSPHERE: 50th Anniversary of UNESCO’s MAB Programme' is a Special Issue of the Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management (eco.mont), and is now available online. 

On the occasion of 50 years of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, the Austrian MAB National Committee has organized and financed a special issue on Biosphere Reserves in Mountain Regions in the Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research and Management (eco.mont). The special issue contains 16 articles from four out of five MAB regions.

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