The Past Global Changes (PAGES) Open Science Meeting (OSM) and the associated Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) are the premier scientific events of PAGES, a Global Research Project of Future Earth and a scientific partner of the World Climate Research Programme and World Data Service for Paleoclimatology. The event takes places in Agadir, Morocco from 16-22 May 2021, and focuses on the theme “Learning from the past for a sustainable future".

PAGES supports research which aims to understand the Earth’s past environment in order to obtain better predictions of future climate and environment, and inform strategies for sustainability. It encourages international and interdisciplinary collaborations from the paleo scientific community, on the physical climate system, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem processes, biodiversity, and human dimensions, at different time scales - from the Pliocene to the recent past.

Now in its sixth edition, the PAGES Open Science Meeting is an opportunity for interaction between scientists from all career levels, disciplines and regions. The programme and the full array of accepted sessions are now available for your perusal, with the call for abstracts and registrations for the PAGES OS meeting opening from 1 July 2020 (pre-registration via this link). 

The MRI community is encouraged to connect with and participate at this conference, with the following mountain-specific sessions on offer to consider:

Mountain-specific sessions

MRI sessions convened by members of the MRI Science Leadership Council, as well as contributors to GEO-GNOME, include:

Session 26. Past climates in our changing mountains: Contributions from the paleoscience community
Co-conveners: Elisa Palazzi, Bryan Mark, Aster Gebrekirstos, Shawn Marshall, Rob Marchant and Carolina Adler

Session 17. Dendrochronology: A flashlight into an elusive past and a tool for an uncertain future
Co-conveners: Aster Gebrekirstos, Shawn Marshall, Ricardo Grau, Rob Marchant, Mark Bryan and Carolina Adler

Other relevant sessions that in some cases include mountains and cold regions include:

Session 21. Deep histories of land-use and land-cover change in African montane regions
Co-conveners: Paul Lane and Rob Marchant

Session 35. Past climate variability reconstructed from ice-core records: Interpretation of proxies embedded in the ice and applications to past climate reconstructions in polar regions
Co-conveners: Mathieu Casado, Liz Thomas

Session 19. Understanding past hydrological changes in North Africa since the Last Glacial Maximum
Co-conveners: Ilham Bouimetarhan, Rachid Cheddadi and Enno Schefuss

Session 8. Recent paleoclimate research advances in the Americas over the Common Era.
Co-conveners: Mathias Vuille, Francisco Cruz, Ricardo Villalba, Rosanne D'Arrigo, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Jason Smerdon and Ernesto Tejedor

Session 7. Charting future pathways to sustainability using concepts of resilience and adaptation
Co-conveners: Lindsey Gillson, Estelle Razanatsoa and Rob Marchant

Session 9. Visualizing complex ecological systems and climate change: From lenses to computer
Co-conveners: Rob Marchant, Estelle Razanatsoa, Lindsey Gillson and Jed Kaplan

Mountain-specific research side meetings and workshops, as part of this conference, are also under consideration and planning. More details will be made available in due course.

Key dates and registration

12 April 2020: Deadline for session proposals
1 July 2020: Abstract submission and registration opens
1 October 2020, 23:59 (UTC): OSM abstract submission and financial support request deadlines
31 December 2020: Decision on financial support for OSM attendees
31 December 2020: Acceptance/rejection decision for OSM abstracts, posters/oral presentations
15 January 2021, 23:59 (UTC): Field-trip registration deadline
15 January 2021, 23:59 (UTC): Early bird registration deadline
9 April 2021, 23:59 (UTC): Online registration closes

General contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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