More than 50 representatives and funders from the Mountains as Sentinels of Change program of the Belmont Forum connected online at the end-term valorization event in late June to share learning, impact, and future avenues for collaboration.

MRI was invited to take part in this discussion, and support the ongoing outreach and connection with the broader mountain research community and enable collaboration prospects.

Research by the six projects funded under this program was conducted in a broad range of mountain ecosystems and communities, spanning five continents. The six projects are:

  • ClimateWIse: Climate-Smart Watershed Investments in the Montane Tropics of South America
  • CLIMTREE: Ecological and Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate-Induced Tree Diebacks in Highland Forests
  • ECCAP: Ecological Calendars and Climate Adaptation in the Pamirs
  • NILE-Nexus: Opportunities for a Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Future in the Blue Nile Mountains of Ethiopia
  • P3: People, Pollution and Pathogens: Mountain Ecosystems in a Human-Altered World
  • VULPES: Vulnerability of Populations Under Extreme Scenarios

While each had a distinct focus – water funds, pollution and pathogens, forest dieback, food-water-energy systems, and socio-ecological calendars – they were connected by their collaboration with local stakeholders in transdisciplinary activity.  Another emerging theme was also water, in relation to its use, rights, quality, quantity, and the management of water in mountain regions.

MRI will feature some of the outcomes and outputs generated by these projects in a series of articles, blogs and interviews in the coming months. We encourage the mountain research community to connect with us and the project leads and take up the invitation to elaborate and build on these results for future research prospects. 

To learn more about these projects and their contribution to mountain research, please visit their project videos on the Belmont Forum YouTube channel

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