UNCCD Call for Experts The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification is inviting experts to apply to become members and observers of its Science-Policy Interface (SPI).

Established in 2013, the SPI aims to promote dialogue between scientists and policy-makers on desertification, land degradation, and drought - all of which pose a severe threat to mountain regions. 

Applications close 4 December 2017.

Mountain soils are particularly susceptible to climate change, deforestation, unsustainable farming practices, and resource extraction methods that affect soil fertility and trigger disasters such as floods, droughts, and landslides. Given the crucial role soil plays in sustaining vital ecosystem services and human life – ensuring food security, contributing to water management, mitigating climate change, and so on – there is a need for effective policy advice to support policy-makers in addressing these threats.

This call by the UNCCD is open to scientists from all regions and organizations and all relevant disciplines and thematic areas. Why not apply to contribute on behalf of mountain research? 

For more information, please visit the UNCCD website.

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