This publication is one of two major collaborative papers which have been written as products of the Synthesis Workshop The Role of Human Nature Relationship Concepts in the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems in Mountain Areas in Mauterndorf, Austria in 2015. The workshop was funded by MRI and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the context of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program.

Muhar, A.; Raymond, C.; van den Born, R.; Bauer, N.; Böck, K.; Braito, M.; Buijs, A.; Flint, C.; de Groot, W.; Ives, C.; Mitrofanenko, T.; Plieninger, T.; Tucker, C.; van Riper, C. (2017): A model integrating social-cultural concepts of nature into frameworks of interaction between social and natural systems. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2017. doi:10.1080/09640568.2017.1327424

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