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Forum für Wissen 2019: Schweiz erneuerbar!


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It should be renewable, reliable and preferably native: Switzerland's future energy supply. Hardly anyone can deny that the increased use of renewable resources such as water, biomass, wind and sun is a good thing - not least for the climate. But new technologies or the use of resources, which at first glance seem sensible, innovative, green and good, also have side effects. These are being investigated in numerous projects as part of the WSL Energy Change Impact research programme.

Is it wise to burn more wood from the forest in the future? Or is farmyard manure the green gold of the future? Will the glaciers also reduce the energy potential of hydropower? What does the energy revolution mean for our landscape?

The Forum for Knowledge 2019 takes up these and other questions and summarises the state of knowledge on the effects of the energy system transformation. With an overview of the resources available today and in the future, the event provides a brief pause to reflect on the possible consequences of new technologies, plants and measures. Only those who are aware of the undesirable effects can avoid or reduce them.

The main language will be German.
Be sure to register before November 1st.

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