SaidaliyevaZarina Saidaliyeva is an early career researcher who holds citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since graduating with an MSc degree in Hydrometeorology from the Kazakh National University, she has been working as a Junior Research Scientist in the Department of Glaciology at the Kazakhstan Institute of Geography, Almaty. Currently, she is actively collaborating with the University of Reading, UK, and research institutes from four other Central Asian countries on two projects: (i) research project ‘Solutions to secure clean water in the glacier-fed catchment of Central Asia – what happens after the ice?’ and (ii) Central Asia Research and Adaptation Water Network (CARAWAN)

Zarina's research interests lie in the Tien Shan and other mountain regions of Central Asia, with particular focus on climate change and variability and their impacts on glaciated environments and water resources.

Zarina was selected from almost 100 candidates for our Mentoring and Training Program in IPCC Processes for Early Career Mountain Researchers, a joint initiative between the MRI, University of Zurich, Helvetas, and ICIMOD, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Go to project page: Contribution to Sixth Assessment Cycle of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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