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AGU 2023

11/12/2023 15/12/2023

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San Francisco

For more than 100 years, AGU has been opening science—opening pathways to discovery, opening greater awareness to address climate change, opening greater collaborations to lead to solutions and opening the fields and professions of science to a whole new age of justice equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

This year, as they convene >25,000 attendees from 100+ countries in San Francisco for AGU23, their theme is: Wide. Open. Science. 2023 might be the official year of Open Science, but they also see it as an opportunity to affirm AGU’s overarching values and beliefs. 

Mountain sessions

GC071 - Mountains in the Earth System
B088 - Tropical Islands, Mountains, and Forests: Understanding Ecosystem, Climate, and Hydrologic Processes in Vulnerable Regions
GC011 - Advances in Understanding and Predictability of Integrated Mountain Hydroclimate
NH022 - Impacts of Climate Change and Natural Hazards in Mountainous Regions
H026 - Advancing understanding of mountainous critical zones through observations and numerical experiments
T026 - Reconstructing Tectonics, Climate and Erosion of Mountain Belts
B046 - Landslides, Plant-rhizobiome Interactions, and the Diversity and Functioning of Mountainous Regions
C015 - Cryospheric Changes and Their Impact on the High-Mountain Water
H075 - How does soil moisture vary in mountainous topography? Field measurements, interpretation, modeling, and innovation
EP029 - New Perspectives on the Controls and Consequences of Topographic Evolution in the Andes and the Caribbean Mountain Ranges
EP023 - Impacts of Progressive Rock Failure on Surface Processes, from Crack Tips to Mountains, Earth to Asteroids, and Beyond
A038 - Climate Change and the Chemistry of Landscape Fire Smoke: Present and Future Primary Gas and Particle Emissions and the In-plume Photochemical Processes Responsible for Toxic Impacts on Humans and Ecosystems
C034 - Quantifying Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow and Snow Processes
H030 - Atmosphere-through-Bedrock Observations, Modeling, and Science in the Upper Colorado River Basin
H126 - The Dual Threats of Groundwater Over-Exploitation and Quality: Natural Processes, Anthropogenic Drivers, Feedbacks, Impacts and Mitigation
MR020 - The Microphysics of Mantle Flow and Plate Boundary Formation
P026 - Martian Sulfates Studied Using Orbital, Ground, Laboratory, and Earth Data
T032 - Tectonic Anatomy of the Andes: Multi-Temporal and Multi-Spatial Processes Shaping the Orogenic System
C036 - Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Seasonal Snow
EP022 - How to Trigger a Landslide: Predictive Models and Observations from Recent Events
T023 - Quantifying Deformable Plate Models of Circum-Pacific and Tethyan Domains
T028 - Sedimentary Records of Continental Collision and its Global Impact
ED037 - Strategies for Developing STEM Identity
EP037 - Surface Processes and Relief Production in Active Orogens
G019 - Plate Motion, Continental Deformation, and Interseismic Strain Accumulation
GC045 - Environmental, Socio-Economic, and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia
NH012 - Compound Disasters under Changing Climate and Anthropogenic Activities
A034 - Boundary Layer Processes and Turbulence
C008 - Air Pollution and its Impacts over the Cryosphere
C030 - Observations and Models of Glacier Change
IN041 - Open Science for Life in Space: Data Sharing and Tools for Knowledge Discovery
NH016 - Flash Floods and Debris Flows After Wildfire: Process Understanding to Hazard Assessment
NH028 - Landslides in Rock: Advances in Analysis and Prediction of Rockfalls, Rockslides, and Rock Avalanches
T007 - Fold-and-Thrust Belts: Evolution and Dynamics at All Spatiotemporal Scales
T011 - Integrating Geologic, Geophysical, and Geochemical Data to Understand the Uplift of Orogenic Plateaus
T020 - Orogeny and its Processes
GC018 - Applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning to address environmental challenges and Sustainable Development Goals
GC110 - The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes
NH004 - Advancing Subduction Zone Science: Collaborating Across Borders and Cultures

Abstract submission

Submit an abstract to AGU23 by 2 August. Abstracts should focus on scientific results, enabling Earth and space science or its application, and/or the contribution of Earth and space science to society.

Visit the AGU23 website for more information. 

Abstract submission deadline: 2 August 2023
Event registration opens: 22 August 2023
Event registration deadline: 15 November 2023
Date of event: 11-15 December 2023.

Cover image by Stephen Meyers.

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