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COP28: 28th Session of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties

30/11/2023 12/12/2023

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COP28 is the 28th session of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties in the United Arab Emirates, which will take place between 30 November-12 December 2023 at the Expo City Dubai. The world will unite for COP28 UAE; signaling the start of a seven-year sprint to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They serve as the formal meeting of the UNFCCC parties (Conference of the Parties, COP) to negotiate and agree action on how to tackle climate change, limit emissions, and halt global warming. The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are the world’s highest decision-making body on climate issues and one of the largest international meetings in the world. 


Mountain and Other MRI-Supported Sessions



Visit the UNFCCC COP28 website for details on plenaries, press conferences, and mandated events here.

Key Side Events and Pavilion Programs

  • COP28 Cryosphere Pavilion | 30 November - 12 December 2023 | The International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI)'s COP28 Cryosphere Pavilion program will include specific focus days for each of the following topics, with targeted side events, including ministerial-level speechespresentation of the State of the Cryosphere Report 2023, plus strong Youth participation.
  • Investment Dialogue: Catalysing Investment for the Mountains, People and Nature in the Hindu Kush Himalaya Region Side Event | 4 December 2023 | 15:30-17:00 GST/UCT+4 | Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP) Pavilion | Organised by ICIMOD, the event brings together HKH member country representatives, knowledge partners, investment actors and donors to discuss investment in the HKH, including a panel chaired by MRI’s Carolina Adler.
  • Roadmap towards the International Year of Glaciers' Preservation and Glacier Day, 2025 and Beyond | 5 December 2023 | 11:30-13:00 GST/UCT+4 | Cryosphere Pavillion Organised by the UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP), the event features a panel discussion that includes the MRI Executive Director, Carolina Adler. The event will serve as a platform to outline commitments and partnerships to the International Year of Glacier Preservation, 2025.
  • “Green Mountain Pioneers” Documentary Film Premiere | 5 December 2023 | 12:30-13:30 GST/UTC+4 | Resilience Frontiers Pavillion | Organised by the Sustainable Alpine Tourism Initiative (SATI), this event showcases the documentary film, followed by a panel discussion on valuing nature and scaling up climate action towards mitigation and adaptation solutions. The film is supported by the MRI, the Austrian government through the Zell am See KEM, EU Interreg Alpine Space, and the Zell am See Kaprun Tourism Board.
  • Exploring Pathways to Investments in Nexus Projects for Enhanced Transboundary Cooperation in Central Asia" | 5 December 2023 | 15:00-16:30 GST/UTC+4 | Central Asian Pavillion and online| Organised by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, IFAS, and Blue Peace Central Asia,  this session will delve into the viewpoints of Central Asian countries concerning the implementation of multi-country basin programs, as well as explore potential strategies (opportunities) for attracting necessary investments and effectively managing them within transboundary basins.
  • Mountains of Opportunity: How to Leverage Funding for Climate Adaptation Side Event | 10 December 2023 | 10:00-11:00 GST/UTC+4 | Cryosphere Pavillion | Organised by Adaptation at Altitude, this panel aims to discuss needs for adaptation funding in mountains and highlight pathways for leveraging finance.
  • Restoring Mountain Ecosystems: International Mountain Day 2023 | 11 December 2023 | 14:00-15:00 GST/UTC+4  | FAO Pavilion | Organised by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, this high-level event will feature prominent speakers and provide space for youth and Indigenous Peoples from world mountain regions to share their perspectives on addressing the interlinked crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem degradation.
  • The International Science Council (ISC) at COP28 | 30 November - 12 December 2023 | ISC's members and partners are involved in several official COP28 side events and parallel meetings.
  • WMO Events at COP28 | 30 November - 12 December 2023 | WMO will be very active at COP28, both on the WMO-IPCC-MERI-NCM Pavilion and by participating in a range of events and side events.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at COP28 | 30 November - 12 December 2023 | Detailed information about the IPCC events at COP28 pavilion and livestreaming can be found here.
  • Future Earth at COP28 | 30 November - 12 December 2023 | Future Earth will host or contribute to a series of events during COP28.

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