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Evidence Synthesis and Meta-Analysis in R Conference 2023 (ESMARConf2023)

27/03/2023 31/03/2023

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About the ESMARConf

ESMARConf is a free, online annual conference series dedicated to evidence synthesis and meta-analysis in R. Our aim is to raise awareness of the utility of Open Source tools in R for conducting all aspects of evidence syntheses (systematic reviews/maps, meta-analysis, rapid reviews, scoping reviews, etc.), to build capacity for conducting rigorous evidence syntheses, to support the development of novel tools and frameworks for robust evidence synthesis, and to support a community of practice working in evidence synthesis tool development. ESMARConf began in 2021 and is coordinated by the Evidence Synthesis Hackathon.

Apply for a Bursary

If you would like to attend ESMARConf2023 online but you think you will struggle because of your equipment (e.g. headphones), a lack of quiet space or because of caregiving constraints, please submit the form on the ESMARConf website to apply for a bursary.

Relevant Reading and Viewing

In 2021, ESMARConf organizer Neal Haddaway provided a guest lecture “Eight Problems With Literature Reviews and How To Fix Them”, kicking off the MRI Anniversary Lecture Series. This lecture is relevant to the theme of ESMARConf. Read the story and watch the recording of this lecture in the lead up to the conference.

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