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IMC Mountain Resilience “De-Conference”

06/10/2022 20:00 21:30

Online / Virtual Event

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In foresight of International Mountain Conference (IMC) 2022 in Innsbruck this September, we look forward to the many resilience related sessions and topics at offer. Some members of our Mountain Resilience Working Group will be present in Innsbruck, and we encourage formal and informal exchange.

As an offer by the MRI Resilience Working Group, we plan a virtual “De-Conference” or “debrief” after IMC. The idea is to meet one evening (Innsbruck time) online on Zoom, with the support of a visual dialogue on Miro, to listen to those of us who could attend IMC (onsite or virtual), and who would like to share their impressions of the resilience related discourse at IMC. For those who cannot attend, this is the chance to get fresh, direct insights from the conference.

Based on this IMC recap, we will use the second part of our debrief session to discuss implications for our Working Group on Mountain Resilience and planned activities for 2023.

Date: Thursday, 6 October 2022
Time: 8-9.30pm CEST (Innsbruck time)
Location: Zoom (https://ethz.zoom.us/j/69873438600)

We look forward to IMC and our debrief soon after!

Cover image by Pedro Sanz

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