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IMC - ID48: Obtaining and integrating interdisciplinary mountain data in support of research and policy

12/09/2022 17:45 18:30

Conferences 2022

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University of Innsbruck

This session is being convened by GEO Mountains as part of the International Mountain Conference 2022 (IMC2022).

Mountain data collection and modelling efforts are still often conducted in narrow disciplinary silos. Consequently, datasets obtained in different campaigns may be somewhat “incommensurate”. Long-term and socio-economic data are also often notoriously lacking. In turn, key interactions and feedbacks operating across mountain socio-ecological systems may remain poorly understood and/or represented in models. We encourage contributions that, a priori, take highly interdisciplinary/holistic and/or long-term approaches to data collection, collation, integration, or numerical modelling – e.g. efforts measuring multiple variables, perhaps using alternative approaches (in situ, remote sensing), across spatial and elevational gradients, or modelling studies that are informed by (or synthesise) a broad range of observational data (e.g. via calibration, assimilation, and/or evaluation) to deliver improved decision-relevant predictions. Open science principles should ideally be followed. We anticipate a rich discussion on the challenges inherent to working across traditional disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

Abstract submission deadline is 16 February 2022.

  • Full Title: Obtaining and integrating interdisciplinary mountain data in support of research and policy

  • First Author: James Thornton, MRI & GEO Mountains.

  • Co-Authors: Carolina Adler, eLTER, MRI & GEO Mountains

  • Keywords: Earth observations, interdisciplinary, long-term monitoring, numerical modelling, policy impacts, GEO Mountains

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    This session is taking place as part of the IMC2022. Discover other IMC2022 sessions being held by representatives of the MRI here.

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