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International Mountain Conference 2022

11/09/2022 15/09/2022

Conferences 2022

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University of Innsbruck

Bringing mountain researchers together at the heart of the Tyrolean Alps in Innsbruck, Austria in order to engage in in-depth, cross-disciplinary discussions about our changing mountains.

Save the date! The International Mountain Conference (IMC) 2022 will build on the previous IMC that took place in 2019. For a flavour of what this upcoming conference might offer, you can read the MRI's summary of the IMC2019 here. 

The IMC2022 aims to:

  • Support mountain research
  • Support exchange amoung disciplines in order to gather and piece together all available puzzle pieces 

More information will follow. In the meantime, please check the IMC2022 website and register for the IMC2022 Mailing list for updates. 

You can also follow the conference on Twitter:  twitter.com/imountainconf

Cover image by Simon Rei.

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