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Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere: Monitor What is Vanishing

03/02/2020 05/02/2020


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Institute of Geography, University of Bern
Hallerstrasse 12

The 9th Workshop on Remote Sensing of Land Ice and Snow of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL).

The cryosphere of the Earth is undergoing dramatic changes. Glaciers are retreating at an accelerated rate, and snow cover distribution and duration is changing with many significant side-effects (run-off, permafrost, albedo, etc.). Remote Sensing can provide the required data to study these changes in the cryosphere.

This workshop will focus on the latest developments in remote sensing of land ice and snow. Presentations are encouraged on all fields of research and applications, with the focus on snow and ice as a proxy for a changing cryosphere, methods for retrieving cryospheric parameters from various types of remote sensing data, theoretical basis of inversion methods and their application, state of the art of retrieval algorithms, data assimilation of remote sensing data and in situ observations in process models, and current and planned sensors for snow and ice. Half of a day will be dedicated to the activities from the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative programme (ESA CCI+) and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).

Papers will be presented orally and as posters. Contributions must comply with one of the workshop topics specified below. Please indicate under which session topic your contribution will be presented.

Preliminary session topics:

  • Glaciers and Ice Caps
  • Snow cover (regional to global scale)
  • Snow hydrology
  • Snow on sea ice and glaciers
  • Albedo of the cryosphere
  • Cryosphere and climate
  • Cryospheric modelling and data assimilation
  • New technologies (sensors/methods)
  • ESA CCI+ snow
  • EUMETSAT operational services

Social events:

  • Icebreaker reception (Monday evening)
  • Workshop dinner (Tuesday evening)
  • Fun-Run: Early morning (7:00 AM) on Tuesday or Wednesday (weather depending). Start at the Institute of Geography – 5km along river Aare.

Further details will can be found on the event website. 

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