Sinergia promotes the interdisciplinary collaboration of two to four applicants who propose breakthrough research.

Deadline to apply is 1 June 2020.

 Interdisciplinary research is defined as research across disciplinary boundaries. In order to achieve the research objectives, it is necessary to integrate elements (theories, methods, concepts, etc.) from two or more disciplines. All disciplines are considered to be equally important.

Breakthrough research calls into question or goes beyond existing models, theories, doctrines, research approaches, methods, etc. It may be of a high-risk, high-reward nature. Collaborative proposals that involve only one discipline or one main discipline supported by auxiliary disciplines should be submitted in SNSF project funding.

The Sinergia regulations provide the legal basis for Sinergia proposals and grants, and describe the conditions for awarding a Sinergia grant.


Duration: 1 to 4 years


No less than 2 and no more than 4 applicants may apply together for a Sinergia grant.

The consortium as a whole must have adequate experience in managing research projects.

One applicant must be designated as the legal representative of all applicants vis-à-vis the SNSF. If the grant is approved, this applicant becomes the corresponding grantee. This person may not be outside Switzerland. The grants are paid to the institution at which the corresponding grantee is employed. The corresponding grantee is responsible for forwarding the funds.

Project partners

They contribute to the research project through cooperation with the consortium, without being responsible for the project.

Their role must be clearly described in the grant application.

They can benefit from the grant, but their contributions must be budgeted in the application.


Only one Sinergia grant per person and period for all applicants.

Only one Sinergia application per applicant and deadline.

SNSF professors may submit a Sinergia application 2 years after starting their SNSF professorship at the earliest. Ambizione grantees are excluded for the duration of their grant.

Further conditions apply - read more here.

Preparation and Submission of the Application

Applications must be submitted via the online platform mySNF.

It is recommended that applicants start entering details in mySNF as soon as possible after the launch of the call. Setting up a new mySNF user account may take up to one week. On mySNF, help texts offer detailed advice on writing and submitting the grant application. The application has to be written in English.

The CVs and scientific track records of all applicants, as well as the research plan must be submitted as PDF-documents via mySNF. The following guidelines must be adhered to in principle:

The proposal must include a Data Management Plan (DMP) set up according to the requirements issued by the SNSF. The content of the DMP is directly entered in the mySNF submission form. It is not possible to upload a DMP as a separate PDF file.

Please keep in mind the time needed to complete the DMP during the submission procedure.

Read the Complete Call Here

 Photo by Pixabay user FotoArt-Treu

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