Research Area Mountain Regions at the University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

The project is based on the following PhD theses, which are closely interlinked and supervised in teams formed by the board. PhD students profit from the interdisciplinary exchange with other PhD students and close cooperation with re-known international scientific partners, availability of highly-instrumented field sites, and a comprehensive training program. 

PhD topics:

  1. Drought legacy responses of growth and carbon relations of evergreen and deciduous trees;

  2. Legacy effects of drought and forest fires on energy metabolism and defence mechanisms;

  3. Phloem and xylem formation as a function of tree vitality under drought stress;

  4. Mycorrhizal mutualists and potential feedback effect on host plants under drought;

  5. Susceptibility of Alpine forest tree species to first- and second-order fire effects;

  6. A multiple constraints approach to gross primary productivity of a Pinus sylvestris stand;

  7. BVOC dynamics between a Pinus sylvestris stand and the atmosphere in response to drought;

  8. Linking climate and social changes for identifying adaption pathways in Alpine forests.

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Start date: July to September 2023
Application deadline: 11 April 2023

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