Research results need to be communicated actively and professionally. This includes their transformation into a user-friendly format, and their distribution through channels that correspond to the needs and habits of the potential audience. mountain.TRIP was a project initiated in 2009 that aimed to support and inspire scientists to find new and effective ways to communicate by providing examples of best practice. 


Key Output

1. Science Sells

mountain.TRIP produced four short video clips in which leaders of a research project pitch their project to the audience. 

View all four videos here. 

2. Co-Ops in the Clouds

Small scale producers working in Europe's mountain regions create some truly unique and incredible products. Yet, they often face significant challenges in marketing, distributing and selling their products. This animated video introduces ideas and approaches to marketing mountain products.  

The video is available in EnglishRomanianSpanishPolishGermanFrenchItalian, and Bulgarian.

The aim of this video was to motivate stakeholders in the supply chain of mountain products to improve their coordination and marketing. It uses a lighthearted style to visualize selected contents of the guidelines for producers of mountain products that were developed within the EuroMARC project. It shows the creative variety of potential measures, partners, and networks for enhancing the marketing of mountain products. It is targeted towards an audience unfamiliar with the development, promotion, and communication related to mountain products.



mountain.TRIP was funded through the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and ran for 24 months from December 2009 on.  The consortium is coordinated by  Institute of Mountain Research: Man & Environment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and also involves the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College (UK), Euromontana , EcoLogic (Germany), the Institute of Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University (Poland), and the MRI.


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