The Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) is an international network that envisions a world in which research to understand global change challenges and opportunities in mountains is conducted across borders and disciplines, with and for society, in order to generate knowledge that enables decisions, actions, and transformations towards sustainable development.

It is supported in achieving this vision by the MRI Coordination Office, based in Bern, Switzerland.

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Making Connections for Our Changing Mountains.

The MRI connects the global mountain research community. With the MRI Coordination Office serving as a central and enabling hub, our flagship activities – such as GEO-GNOME and our global assessment work – synthesis workshops, working groups, events, and online platforms bring researchers and stakeholders from diverse disciplines and backgrounds together. We work with the mountain research community and society more broadly to identify research priorities and possibilities for common action, and we support this common action by providing targeted funding, coordination, and administrative assistance. We also strive to keep the research community informed, and work with research organizations and funding agencies to ensure that mountain global change topics are recognized and addressed.

As co-lead of the GEO Global Network for Observations & Information in Mountain Environments (GEO-GNOME), the MRI is connecting and opening up access to diverse forms of observation data to improve our understanding of mountains.

The MRI is actively raising the profile of mountains in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Cycle through prominent lead author participation, and is building the capacities of early career researchers to participate in IPCC processes through a dedicated mentoring and training programme. The MRI has also been developing an approach for assessing sustainable mountain development using the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework.

The MRI Coordination Office provides administrative, communications, and targeted funding support for selected synthesis workshops and working groups led by the MRI community. At present, there are three ongoing MRI community-led working groups focused on: 1) Elevation Dependent Warming; 2) Mountain Observatories; and 3) Education for Sustainable Mountain Development.
MRI events, publications, online platforms, and communications activities keep the research community informed and connected, and raise the profile of our changing mountains among policymakers and the public.

Our Seven Goals

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Funding and Endorsement

The MRI is a Strategic Partner of Future Earth and a Participating Organization of the Group on Earth Observations.

The MRI is hosted by the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) at the University of Bern, and funded by the Swiss Academies of Sciences (SCNAT). For projects and contributions related to IPCC AR6 activities, as well as the climate change adaptation in mountains programme, we receive funding from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). 

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