PermafrostNet, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

The training environment of PermafrostNet maximises the research impact, job-readiness, and longer-term employability of its 60 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and northern research assistants. For more information about PermafrostNet click here.

  • The goal of PermafrostNet is to boost Canada’s ability to adapt to large scale permafrost thaw by informing forward-looking decision making in an Arctic that is undergoing accelerating change. Network research will allow the generation of better information for all of Canada by creating new predictive capabilities with data that is already available, as well as that generated by selected new field projects. These are necessary to fill important gaps in understanding, to develop novel methods, and to increase the robustness of methods and practices through joint application with partners.

  • Open Research Positions

PhD in process-based numerical modelling of permafrost systems

PhD in quantifying the ice and water content of permafrost with dielectric methods

PhD in interpreting ground temperature and subsidence for improved quantification of permafrost change

PhD in permafrost change simulation and quantification of confidence in resulting data products

PhD in thaw pond initiation and evolution pathways

PhD in permafrost and ground ice conditions in the Hudson Bay Lowlands

MSc in thaw-related landscape change in Weenusk Traditional Territory

MSc in land use planning and mass-wasting hazards near Fort Severn


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