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Global NewsMelting of Himalayan Glaciers Has Doubled in Recent Years

Using declassified images taken by Cold War spy satellites in the 1970s, researchers have...

MRI NewsClimate Change in the Mountain Cryosphere: Impacts and Responses

An MRI-led special issue of the journal Regional Environmental Change seeks to highlight contributions from the mountain research community to the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment cycle, focusing on the...

MRI NewsCall for Abstracts | MRI Sessions at AGU Fall meeting 2019

Taking place in San Francisco 9-13 December 2019, the AGU Fall Meeting 2019 will bring together...

16/08/2019 9:00 - 17/08/2019 14:00

WEATHER: a scientific approach in Water sEcurity And climaTe cHange adaptation in pEruvian glaciErs

This event seeks to contribute to the research about water security and climate change in glaciers and mountain ecosystems in the Andes mountain range.

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