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Global NewsUN Global Sustainable Development Report Calls for Urgent Coordinated Action

Achieving human well-being and eradicating poverty for all: reaching this goal by 2030 is still...

Get PublishedSpecial Issue | Climates of the Himalayas: Present, Past, and Future

This special issue of the MDPI journal Atmosphere invites observation, proxy reconstruction, and projection-based analytical and modelling studies and their reviews that advance our knowledge...

MRI NewsA Voice for Our Changing Mountains at IPCC Lead Author Meeting

In July, experts from IPCC Working Group II met in Kathmandu, Nepal, to continue preparing their...

01/10/2019 13:00 - 04/10/2019 16:00

Contribution of LTSER Programs in Mountains to Global Policy Agendas and UN Conventions

This workshop will deliver a synthesis of how mountain long-term social-ecological research programs support global policy agendas and UN conventions, and how to strengthen their contribution.

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