Mountain Observatories

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The Global Network of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO) was established to create a network that would generate comparable data on mountain social-ecological systems - from climate and hydrology to ecology and human use and governance.  

An overview of existing mountain observatories can be found below.

Mountain Observatory Mountain Observatories
Mountain GNOMO GNOMO Sites

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In 2004 the Global Change in Mountain Regions Project (GLOCHAMORE) envisioned a world-wide monitoring program using comparable methodologies and supporting comparative analysis implemented over a network of mountain Biosphere Reserves. It was - and still is - a sound scientific idea, but numerous problems, as much institutional as financial, limited the pursuit of the GLOCHAMORE vision. Rather than declare an 'ideal' global program and then attempt to implement it in specific sites, an alternative route is to work with specific sites and researchers to see what sort of comparative global program could be created from those existing programs.


Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories, Reno, USA 2014

  • Summary of Summaries compiled by Greg Greenwood, former Executive Director of the Mountain Research Initiative.
  • Blog with summaries, insights, and discussions of sessions and ateliers posted by session chairs.
  • Interactive map of observatories.

Session at Perth III 2015
Workshop in Gothic, USA, 2015 Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories 2016