Research Strategy
The GLOCHAMORE (Global Change and Mountain Regions) Research Strategy is the product of a 2-years' negotiation between global change scientists and managers of UNESCO-MAB Mountain Biosphere Reserves. The Research Strategy was finalized in December 2005 and is now at the disposition of researchers and managers as pdf or printed document.
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GLOCHAMORE has been support action of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme on "Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems". The project aimed at the development of a state-of-the art integrated and implementable research strategy to gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of global change in a selection of 28 UNESCO Mountain Biosphere Reserves (MBRs) around the world.

The results of this research strategy serve as a basis for MBR managers and other stakeholders to develop sustainable development policies for their respective MBRs.

In order to meet its objectives, the project has integrated activities and knowledge from both (natural and social) science and from UNESCO Mountain Biosphere Reserve managers. 

All documents associated with the workshops can be downloaded here. Containing introductions and links. 

UNESCO-MAB: Implementing the GLOCHAMORE Research Strategy in Mountain Biosphere Reserves
Since 2005, several mountain biosphere reserves (MBRs) are implementing the GLOCHAMORE Research Strategy in the fields of climate change, biodiversity, water resources, land use change and economy. As long-term observatory sites, they  assess the impacts of global change, including climate change, on the biophysical mountain environment and the livelihood of people. In December 2011, the summary reports have been uploaded on the UNESCO-MAB website  for the following MBRs: Mountain Arrowsmith (Canada), Changbaishan (China), Berchtesgaden (Germany), Nanda Devi (India), Huascaran (Peru), Katunskiy and Teberdinskiy (Russia), Sierra Nevada (Spain), and Reservat da Biosfera Val Mustair-Parc Naciunal (Switzerland).



GLOCHAMORE documents

OSC, Perth October 2005: Publication of Abstracts Volume
OSC, Perth October 2005: Outcomes
Print version of the GLOCHAMORE Research Strategy