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The synthesis workshop on the role of human nature relationship concepts in the governance of socio-ecological systems in mountain areas took place from 5-8 May 2015 in Mauterndorf, Austria. More information 


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Some events organized in the light of this concerted effort:

Past events

  • 4-8 October 2015, Perth, UK
    Sessions and Roundtables at Perth III
    Social Change in Mountain Regions: How does it happen? more
    What's in the Social Box?: Descriptions of Mountain Social Ecological Systems
    more about the conference

  • 5-8 May 2015, Mauterndorf, Austria
    Synthesis Workshop on the role of human nature relationship concepts in the governance of socio-ecological systems in mountain areas

  • September 2014, Midway, Utah, USA
    The Machida Session on Coupled human-natural systems at the MtnClim 2014 meeting organized by Greg Greenwood (MRI) and Gregg Garfin (UA)
  • July 2014, Reno, USA
    Building Societal Resilience and Adaptive Capacity in Mountain Systems, Sessions 141, and Implementing long-term monitoring platforms of coupled social-environmental dynamics in mountain ecosystems, Session 142, at the Global Fair and Workshop on mountain observatories organized respectively by Derek Kauneckis (UNR) and Manuel Peralvo (CONDESAN).

  • June 2014, Hannover, Germany
    Exploring synergies around mountain social dynamics and governance, Roundtable Discussion, organized at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management by Courtney Flint (USU), Greg Greenwood (MRI), Jörg Balsiger (University of Geneva), Marianne Penker (BOKU) 

  • March 2014, Berlin, Germany
    The role of governance in adaptation to global change in mountain regions, at the Global Land Project Open Science Meeting, Session 72
    programme and webcasts

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MRI has recognized for years the importance of social systems as co-equal to ecological systems within the overall framework of coupled human-natural systems in mountain regions . During this time systematic explorations of ecological structure and function have created a basis for ecological forecasting in the form of models. Extensive studies of social systems, their laws and politics have focused less on predictive capacity but have provided rich descriptions of diverse governance arrangements around the world.

It is now time to attempt a more systematic and synthetic approach to the structure, function and evolution of governance in mountain regions. We wish to compare and contrast governance systems from mountains around the world, and draws from that comparison a framework, theory or model that allows these different arrangements to be seen as variations on a set of underlying themes.

CE milestones

  • Synthesis Workshop in May 2015. more
  • Sessions and Roundtables at Perth III in October 2015

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