Proceedings ForumAlpinum 2018 Now Online
dolomites 2458217 640The proceedings of the ForumAlpinum 2018 and the 7th Water Conference of the Alpine Convention have been published and are now available online.

Entitled Alpine Water – Common Good or Source of Conflicts?, the proceedings of the ForumAlpinum 2018 contain abstracts of all the event's presentations and posters dealing with questions of water use in the Alpine region and exploring foreseeable future water use conflicts, as well as measures to avoid them. Among the editors is MRI Chair Rolf Weingartner, and the publication includes a summary of his keynote speech on 'Analysing Alpine Water-Related Hotspots: Setting the Ground.'

The proceedings also contain a summary of the 7th Water Conference and the results of the mapping of hotspots of water use in the Alpine region, conducted during the conference.

The key messages of the ForumAlpinum 2018 are summarized in a policy brief addressed to the Alpine Convention and relevant administrations: Action Needed to Prevent Future Conflict Over the Use and Management of Water in the Alpine Region in Times of Climate Change and Growing Demand.

The ForumAlpinum 2018 was organised by the International Scientific Committee for Alpine Research (ISCAR) together with the 7th Water Conference of the Alpine Convention and the Macroregion Alpine Space (

Download the proceedings here.