New Publication | Social Innovation in Mountain Areas
caucasus smallSocial Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas (SIMRA), a EU Horizon 2020 project, has published a collection of inspiring examples of social innovation in mountain areas, with case studies covering issues as wide-ranging as governance, ecosystem management, mountain services, and local development. 

SIMRA aims to advance understanding of social innovation and innovative governance in agriculture, forestry, and rural development in marginalised rural areas across Europe and around the Mediterranean, including non-EU countries. As part of this work, it has published a series of brochures that aim to concretely illustrate social innovation through the presentation of local ongoing initiatives.

SIMRA Social Innovation in Mountains Publication
In its most recently published brochure, the fourth of its kind, SIMRA collects examples of social innovation in mountain areas. The specificity of mountains is recognised both by EU policies, such as the Common Agricultural Policy and the Regional Policy, and by global agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO designations. Mountains cover 26.7 percent of SIMRA’s study area. They are important sources of energy, water, and biological and cultural diversity, and are characterised by their altitude, terrain, roughness, slopes, low population density and difficulties of access, which can sometimes result in them being marginalised rural areas. This new collection focuses on how communities capitalise on the natural and social assets in mountainous areas in terms of community life, living environment, and dynamic approaches to governance.

Discover these inspiring case studies in the SIMRA publication Collection of Examples of Social Innovation in Mountain Areas.

Access the full collection of brochures on the SIMRA website, and get inspiration for your own territory. The examples presented in these brochures are extracted from the SIMRA database. If you have an example of social innovation in marginalised rural areas to share, click here to submit it.