New Opportunity | Graduate Studies at the University of Virginia in Glacial Geology

glacier 530050 640The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia seeks two students interested in pursuing graduate studies in glacial geology. M.S. and Ph.D. applications are welcome from students with backgrounds in glacial geology, glaciology, sedimentology, geomorphology, earth surface processes, and/or marine geology.

As part of an international collaboration to study Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, one opportunity is to constrain past change in the position of the glacier's margin and the factors responsible for driving those changes using sedimentological proxies. This student will participate on a research cruise to Antarctica in the austral summer of 2020.

The second is an opportunity is to test the sensitivity of ice sheet retreat to subglacial topography by integrating geological data with numerical models. This project is computer- and laboratory-based and will include collaboration with project investigators at other universities.

Student support is available starting autumn 2019 through teaching and research assistantships. 

Interested students should contact Dr. Lauren Simkins, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia with a description of research interests and a CV by 1 November 2018.

Visit the department website for more information about the Department of Environmental Sciences and the graduate program.