Paleo-postdoc for international project wanted

Postdoc#1 (Nanjing, China): Changes in mountain ecosystems

Mountain ecosystems are seen as particularly sensitive to climate change because they are influenced not only by altered average environmental conditions but also by climate extremes. Globally, the negative impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystems are expected to greatly outweigh the potential benefits. Future change is expected to especially affect mountain freshwater habitats, their biota and the surrounding terrestrial environment. The principal aim of our project “People, pollution and pathogens – mountain ecosystems in a human altered world“ (P³) is to understand the impact of global change on microbes, plankton, amphibians, and on pathogen emergence in aquatic and terrestrial mountain habitats.
Beyond adding to the growing body of knowledge, a core element of the P³ philosophy is to synthesize existing knowledge, produce generalized insights and supplement these with new data collected at altitudinal gradients in four mountain ranges, the Pyrenees (France), Dhofar Mountains (Oman), Sierra Nevada (USA) and the Great Hinggan Mountain (China). More information about P3 could be found at

In mountainous regions, large differences in landcover may occur over short distances and during short time periods. Pollen data from montane watersheds can record extreme changes in landcover and climate in a relatively small spatial area. We seek a postdoctoral researcher who will participate in and manage field trip logistics as well as conduct fieldwork in close collaboration with other consortium members. The researcher will investigate elevational and latitudinal gradients in pollen records from lake sediments through sampling, analyzing and interpreting data, and will use these data to reconstruct the historical variation of landcover over the last several centuries. The paleolimnological approach will thus help explain changes in the montane aquatic ecosystems of the four mountain systems being studied in this project.

We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified candidate with expertise in paleoenvironmental sciences, holding a strong PhD degree in paleobotany and/or paleolimnology. Additional qualifications we seek are experience in aquatic ecology. Proficient written and spoken English language skills are required.

The Postdoctoral researcher will be hosted in China on a fixed term of 2 years. Salary would be discussed when interview depending on experience.
The call is open until the position is filled.
Requirements: Chinese and English are required.
Location: Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Nanjing
PI: Dr. Kunshan Bao (
Additional training: Laboratoire écologie fonctionnelle et environnement, ECOLAB, Toulouse (France)
Start of application review: 01.02.2017
Earliest starting date: 01.07.2017
Duration: 24 months