A new approach to MRI Newsletters

Dear MRI Community,

As mentioned by the new MRI Exeutive Director (Carolina Adler) in a recent message, the MRI Office is currently reviewing MRI communications and aims to work over the summer towards a new and comprehensive strategy that is envisaged for implementation during the second half of 2017.  A brief survey is also under preparation, to make sure that your comments and suggestions for how you wish to be engaged and informed on news related to MRI's activities and its global community. As work is started on this design phase, this is an opportunity to inform you of interim measures that will be implemented in parallel for how MRI newsletters will be issued in the coming months.

First, from now on MRI will only issue one newsletter per month at the end of the month, the MRI Global Newsletter, for the months of May, June, July and August 2017 or until further notice. Second, the previous regionally-focused newsletter editions issued by the MRI Regional Networks, notably AfroMont and MRI Latin America, will no longer be issued separately. Instead, snippets of information will be incorporated into the new MRI Global Newsletter, featured as sub-sections that aim to highlight region-specific news and events. The advantage of this interim approach is that it provides our readers and subscribers with a more 'global' perspective of the diverse scientific work and related events that take place all over the world, in effect connecting our regions and networks, as well as offer an abridged version of a newsletter that would be simpler and succinct.

Of course, you can still connect with additional news, articles, events and other mountain-related content via our Facebook page and Twitter account, which will remain active and continuously updated throughout the design phase in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you have any news items, recently published scientific papers or details for events that you would like to share with the MRI comnunitiy, then please contact us! We would be very glad to receive and feature your contributions via our communications channels. Thank you!